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Hi, I want to host a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner for my friends, but I'm having trouble finding the food I need. I was at Carrefour today and could not get a turkey or find cranberry sauce or eggnog. I'm most concerned about the turkey. Where can I buy a turkey?

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1290085502 · posted: 1290085502

Starting to get a little panicy now as were having a celebration for thanksgiving but cant seem to find a large turkey for the meal. Has anyone seen any in the shops?

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1289651148 · posted: 1289569848

Hi as im driving back to Calais this weekend i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good stop off for a bite to eat. I believe some of the Routiers are quite good! Thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1289407087 · posted: 1289407087

May be a tad slow but after living in Lyon for over 4 years ive just discovered my beloved muffins on sale in Monoprix in a choice of white or wholemeal. How happy am i !!!!!

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Hi!Does anyone know if there is a place in Lyon where I can buy cheddar cheese?I have eaten it in some restaurants here in Lyon so I know it exists - I am just not sure about whether you can find it in a shop or buy it. Also does any shops in Lyon sell cadbury chocolates? I know there are shops here that sell imported goods from USA but not from the UK. Cheers in advance :)

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My husband is a chef and we are having great difficulty in finding a supplier over here for dried pitted dates so that he can make "sticky toffee pudding". We would rather buy over here than have friends and family increase their baggage allowance with our 5kg demand of dates!!. If anyone out there know of somewhere to buy this product we would be grateful to hear from you. Many thanks.

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Im needing to find this item or authentic baking powder, has anyone seen any? Thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1289211075 · posted: 1289151921

Hi all, just found a great market this week with the novel twist been that it opens just in the afternoons!!!! Its held at quai Victor Augagneur every Thursday from 3 pm until 7pm and sells all the usual fresh produce with a good choice of around 30 stallholders. Great for picking up things after work

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Saw a report about bread makers last night and the savings you can make with one. Anyone already using one of these and what are your impressions as im not realy a baguette fan. Thanks

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1288735899 · posted: 1288642314

Hi all I have a recipe for a cheesecake which requires I use sour cream, I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to get that here in France and wondered if something like Ribot would be a suitable alternative. Or if you have any other suggestions I would be most grateful. Many thanks.

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Hi, keep seeing these on menus and in the shops but ive no idea what they are? I know there a speciality of lyon but thats it and id love to know what they are made from.

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With my thoughts turning to Xmas and in particular one of my fav tipples for the festive period, has anyone seen any sherry in the shops or if not is there a palatable French equivalent?

started by: Susie-596388 · last update: 1288086864 · posted: 1288005955

Has anyone found one of these shops? or perhaps a shop with a selection of Lebanese foods? Im trying to track down Flat breads for a recipe. Thanks

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Has anyone seen Canada Dry in any of the stores in and around Lyon for my mixers. Thanks

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Can anyone reccommend a good place to buy wine online, so that i can get it at a discount. Im after good stuff for an event. Thanks

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Can any one tell me whether there is an Australian Restaurant or bar anywhere in the Lyon area pref the city? Would appreciate contact address and number of the place if you do. Thanks!

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Came across this site on another forum http://coopersshopargelessurmer.com, they seem to have a wide selection and claim to offer delivery across France. Haven't tried them though.Steve

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Is there anywhere in Lyon that serves authentic Fish n Chips, as ive only been here for a couple of weeks and getting cravings .

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New in Town has anyone tried Little Britain on Boulevard Des Brotteaux. If so will i be able to get my Chocolate Hob Nobs and HP beans!!!!! What other treats do they sell?

started by: foxyroxy-596411 · last update: 1285699052 · posted: 1285406310

We hear so much about firms who deilver English supermatket goods to France - are there any in the Lyon area ' specifcally who deliver to Dept 69 or even 42??

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