started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1283769168 · posted: 1283202943

Can anyone recommend a good Bouchon in the city as we have friends who are excited at trying one but to be honest im not really into the meat eateries of this kind. If someone can tip me off about one that will be great!! and save me loads of hassle. Thanks

started by: muffin-596402 · last update: 1283693555 · posted: 1283693555

Can anyone advise where Irish/Scottish food produce such as sausages, bacon, pudding etc. can be sourced in Lyon? Thanks

started by: zoey-596535 · last update: 1283440343 · posted: 1283440343

Hi does anyone know of a specialist food shop of this type in Lyon? Ive never seen one but i would have thought that it would exist in a large multicultural city. Failing this someone was telling me they had seen one somewhere in St Etienne, has anyone tried this shop and can tell me the contacts and if it carries a good stock? Thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1281267162 · posted: 1281124230

Is it possible to buy strongbow/magners cider anywhere near Lyon?

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1280852891 · posted: 1279821135

Hi does anyone know of any good ones in the city as i know these can be hard to find in France but we have friends coming soon who are non meat people. thanks

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1279128557 · posted: 1275033635

Hi, has anyone tried this restaurant (Best ive ever had). Im thinking of going as its my sons bithday as it looks like an american burger and grill. justwondered if it was good food and service etc. Thanks

started by: muffin-596402 · last update: 1279128303 · posted: 1279120010

Around Lyon or St Etienne?? Thanks for any help on this.

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1278931692 · posted: 1278931692

Hi to all, Does anyone know where i might find a bottle of JD any where in the vicinity Of Lyon? Thanks for any tip offs.

started by: LyonTed · last update: 1278339687 · posted: 1278339687

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells English style bacon around Lyon. Im getting a bit fed up with the wafer thin stuff. Thanks

started by: Dangermouse-596419 · last update: 1278066755 · posted: 1278066755

Does anyone know of a supplier in Lyon? someone was asking for it on French Alps and i would quite like to buy some for a dinner party. Thanks

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1278010169 · posted: 1273248447

Could be a long shot, but im trying to get hold of some pecans which need to be whole not ground. Thanks if anyone knows of an outlet!!!!

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1274613221 · posted: 1274181141

Hi, Has anyone managed to find a really good Chinese Restaurant in the city as its my daughters birthday coming up and shes wanting to eat at one but i hate paying for rubbish!!! Any recommendations please.

started by: Lyonnaise · last update: 1273929657 · posted: 1272835829

Hi, this is what i miss most from Blighty so i was wondering if anyone had seen any in the shops or market stalls in Lyon as my supplies have run dry from our xmas trip.Thanks

started by: Genehunt · last update: 1273908090 · posted: 1273492608

Hi, Does any bright spark know which Bakers was featured on BBC2 last month on the 'Fat man in a hat' cooking show. It was supposed to be the best in lyon!!!

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1273881877 · posted: 1270805912

Hi, Which shop or supermarket has the largest stocks of English food in the Lyon area. Does anyone know of an English/American grocers shop? Thanks for any info as Im still finding my feet here!!

started by: Genehunt · last update: 1273776958 · posted: 1273761412

Hi, On the hunt for good quality Bagels as we have some US friends coming over for breakfast this weekend, So does anyone know the best place to buy them from in Lyon?

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1272719618 · posted: 1272631247

Bit of a long shot, but were having a large family party in the Summer and wondered if anyone knew of one of these hog roasters around the Lyon or the Rhne valley area as i know they are very popular in the UK.

started by: Eugene-596391 · last update: 1272367038 · posted: 1272142413

Hi we have friends coming to see us for the weekend next week and i wondered if anyone had any recommendations for veggie places to eat in and around Lyon.Thanks

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1272360556 · posted: 1272360556

Hi all, we are having a Japanese themed night next week and amongst other things I need to get hold of some Tempura flour to make some appetizers. Where can I get some from in Lyon? Thanks for any info

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1272106295 · posted: 1271712721

Hi, can anyone reccommend a shop that i can buy genuine indian spices from for curries, in particular Garam Masala. Thanks

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