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Hi can anyone help. My daughter who is studying in lyon needs to print a two page email tomorrow morning. I know print shops will be shut but do any of the hotels etc do this. She is in the west of the city but accessible to the centre. Thanks in advance for any help you can give her. Frankie 

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Hi,Sorry for a long message, but I am a little lost on what to do.We recently bought an appartment in the "centre historique" of a small town near Lyon and were told that an apartment below us is rented on airbnb. Ocasionally, there are some noises from that apartment. We try to be understanding. If it is too loud, we would talk to the guest and ask them to keep it down. So far, it was bearable and rarely last too late during the night.However, there was a turning point. Last Saturday, that apartment was again rented out to a group of young people. I personally am a bad judge of people's age, but I think they are just barely 20s. This time, they came with their own set of speakers and the sound vibrated 2 floors up from the apartment in question. We called the police and as usual they were late. We already confronted the guests. There were some tears and almost a violence that night. They tolds us that the owner allowed them to make as much noises as they want. Finally, a 'compromise' was reached between us and the guests, the noise died down for an hour or two and started again, although less loud, until 3-4 o'clock in the morning. We learned our 2 lesson that night;1. It could prove a stupid idea to confront the guests ourselves as it could escalate2. Although they are late, the police would eventually come. Just have to bare with it.  Next morning, we complained to Airbnb, simply to find out that the booking wasn't from them. My fear is the owner of that apartment is renting direct by word-of-mouth locally and the apartment is gaining the repuation as 'a party apartment'. This building is an old historic building from early 19th century. The 'work' inside is as sloppy as it could be. I have to admit that sound insulation in any of the apartments in this building is rather poor. We could even hear a neighbour moving their furniture as it is! It is hardly a place appropriate for big parties. Is there anything we could do? Is there any regulations against it?p.s. We have never seen the real owner of that apartment. I think he/she rarely shows up at the property.Advices are much appreciated.Wendy

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Hi Can anyone recommend an english speaking cleaning company/person to clean our empty apartment top to bottom in Lyon centre. Thank you Henry

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Hi does anyone have any information relating to these in Lyon. Someone told me the The Basillca at the top of Fouviere has a service in English once a month. Is this correct and when is it? Thanks

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Hi,Since there is no topic for literature, I dare to open a discussion for. Is there any literature workshops in Lyon? Or any literature event so I can join/attend and be active?Many thanks,Ozge Kiner

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                                          Hi peeps,I know a lot of you fine people are now living in France, but do you sometimes get homesick and miss the great English weather lol ? Have you ever thought it might be nice to have a little bolt hole for when you want to visit the family. We are a lovely friendly park in Kent. We are opposite golden sandy beaches and back onto a beautiful nature reserve which boasts endless amounts of wild flowers and bird watching is a favourite with our owners.Our Holiday homes start from just £15.995 , We have 2 and 3 bedrooms in stock with choices of double glazing and central heating.  For more information please email me on anne.white@parkdean-resorts.com I look forward to hearing from you but for now "bonne journee"

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Hello I am new to Villeurbanne and trying to find more anglophones to make contact with.

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For translating a comics book 32 pages from french to english. I am looking for someone who uses to read american comics book(like Marvel) who knows the translation of the onomatopoeia like plouf, bing, ouille..... Paid work . Contact: Tommy, tommybayar@yahoo.fr

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We recently moved to a villiage pretty much half way between Lyon and Grenoble, near Bourgoin Jaillieu. We were wondering if there are any other English speakers living in the area?   Let me know if you are living out here!  

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Hi! We just moved to France and are wondering what mobile phone provider has the best coverage and rates for people who travel a lot?We got a SIM from Orange, but the data service is super slow.Also wondering what renters / home insurance is the best?Thanks!

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This is a new group set up regarding BREXIT called RIFT - Remain in France together and has some very good information.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/RemainInFranceTogether/

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I'll be at the vide grenier Place de l'Europe 69006 on Saturday 4 June selling a lot of English children's books - first readers, first chapter books, etc.

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In protest of recent labour-law reforms, several unions will be on strike on Thursday 26 May. This strike will likely affect public transportation, taxis, air travel and ferries as well as schools and government workers. If you’re planning to travel on that date, please check directly with your carrier. In addition, recent blocades of refineries by striking unions will likely mean continued fuel shortages in some areas in France.Strikes In France A national/general strike is also planned for Tuesday 14 June which could again disrupt transportation and public-sector services.

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Hello, My husband and I recently moved out of France.  We kept our French cell phone services, till settled in and got new ones, I thought there would be an easier option of closing them from outside of France, but I cannot find any information, apart from the usual sending a lettre recommandée.  I was wondering if anyone had experience with closing their French cell phone while outside of France ( we are with Free Mobile )?  Is the lettre recommandée required, and if so how do you send it from outside of France?  And also if that is the way to go, would anyone know if closing two accounts using one letter is acceptable?  Thank you very much!  Any help will be appreciated!  

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Have you a illustrated book project you want to produce but can't get your head around it?  I conduct One2One Mentoring via Skype. A step-by-step guide to layout, design, print & distribution. All you need to know to complete and sell your illustrated book. 

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Have you a illustrated book project you want to produce but can't get your head around it?  I conduct One2One Mentoring via Skype. A step-by-step guide to layout, design, print & distribution. All you need to know to complete and sell your illustrated book. 

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SNCF rail workers have called for national strike action from this evening (Monday) at 19:00 through 08:00 Wednesday morning. The action will affect TGVs as well as local and intercity trains. It may also affect tram services in some cities. TGV: 1 in 2 trains will operateTER: 4 in 10 trains will operateIntercité: 1 in 3 trains will operate Service on Thursday 28 April will likely be unreliable/sporadic so consider planning accordingly. There is some information available at the SNCF website but be aware it may not be updated or functional during the strike. http://www.sncf.com/

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_Strike Called Several unions have called for strike action starting this evening (30 March) at 19:00 through 08:00 Friday (1 April). The strike is expected to affect public transportation and Air France services. Government workers (functionnaires) including teachers and postal carriers, may join the strike as well. If you are flying with Air France, you should contact them directly to find out about the status of your flight.__ __https://www.angloinfo.com/lyon/how-to/page/lyon-transport-public-transport-strikes _

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Hi,   i will ill be in Lyon from June to October and need a place to rent that has easy access to oublic transportation to the  airport (San Exupery). I will be with by partner and our dog. Can anyone suggest a good and safe area?  Are there any areas in particular that should be avoided?   Thank you,   Antonio

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Hello all, is there anyone in the Lyon area coming back to the UK in the next few weeks that would be prepared to collect an antique for us? We can meet you almost anywhere in the UK. Have tried transport companies but the cost is prohibitive Many Thanks Phil Bennett

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