Best Mobile Phone Provider and Home Insurance Provider?

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Hi! We just moved to France and are wondering what mobile phone provider has the best coverage and rates for people who travel a lot?We got a SIM from Orange, but the data service is super slow.Also wondering what renters / home insurance is the best?Thanks!


Tony69 1472112838


I was about to advise you Orange, there are the best by far, but I guess it can also depend where you live (old building can slow down services sometimes). Maybe try to ask somebody who uses Bouygues or SFR (forget Free, and all the other ones use of of the first 3 networks) to check at your place if it's any better.

Maybe it also depends on the mobile you have. 4G is pretty much everywhere in Lyon.


Sarah-Jones-868566 1472818414

Hi Tony could you tell me what the problem is with Free mobile please? thanks

Tony69 1474449520


Free mobile is a low cost operator, so you pay very cheap, but the service is very cheap (even though they have a partnership with Orange) : bad data quality, aweful voice qualitu, low coverage outside of cities, etc...


Emma-Hunt-872706 1477135863

Agrees,,,Free is dreadful, we use Orange and there are a couple of good English speakers in Part Dieu store and are happy with the coverage and service!

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