Closing a French Cell phone account outside of France

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Hello, My husband and I recently moved out of France.  We kept our French cell phone services, till settled in and got new ones, I thought there would be an easier option of closing them from outside of France, but I cannot find any information, apart from the usual sending a lettre recommandée.  I was wondering if anyone had experience with closing their French cell phone while outside of France ( we are with Free Mobile )?  Is the lettre recommandée required, and if so how do you send it from outside of France?  And also if that is the way to go, would anyone know if closing two accounts using one letter is acceptable?  Thank you very much!  Any help will be appreciated!  


Finn-Jascks-857301 1463395522

Hi there,,,,,,,Go to your My Account page, and login with your identifying phone number and Free password.
In the My Subscription tab, click the Cancel my Subscription link.
Print the cancellation form.
Send the completed form to the address indicated on the form. NOTE : The letter should be sent by registered letter as you said,,,good luck!

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