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Hi,   i will ill be in Lyon from June to October and need a place to rent that has easy access to oublic transportation to the  airport (San Exupery). I will be with by partner and our dog. Can anyone suggest a good and safe area?  Are there any areas in particular that should be avoided?   Thank you,   Antonio


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Hi there

Getting to the airport from the centre is very easy thanks to the rhone express with stops at Part Dieu and Vaux en Valin. For what you describe, your best bet is to think in in the centre So, anywhere on the presqu'ile -- 1st and 2nd arrond. -- and then also the 6th arrond. and also the part of the 3rd near the river. The 5th is also quite good. Part of it is Vieux Lyon, which is very old and historic, and then part is up the hill (St Just and Point du Jour neighborhoods). Finally, the 4th is equally interesting, and corresponds to the other hill, Croix Rousse. The latter is a vibrant cool/artsy neighborhood, very nice. Personally, we live in Point du Jour which is special in that it's like a little village with it's own center with good shops with a local feel and a great market but is still close enough that you can walk to the centre (maybe 30min on foot) or use the metro/bus to be there in minutes. Very safe neighborhood, great parks, two excellent private schools that are not very expensive, and public schools, too. Apts here are likely to have green space and parking associated with them so good for your dog, and also terraces -- things that you can't easily have in the city. Overall, great for families! I'd avoid most of the 7th; parts of it are a little unsafe in my opinion, although there are better parts of course. There are other good places further out as well, but it varies widely.  Also we love the Pont du Jour as access t the countryside is easy at 20mins by car and the mountains 30 mins Hope this helps and isn't too rambling!

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Thank you for the information! 

We found an apartment on the 3d --on Ave. Felix Faure. and Cours Gambetta.

It looks like a nice area from google maps and I hope it's safe as well. The letting

agency recommended it for its proximity to the Rhone Express as you mentioned.

What are your thoughts on this part of town?

While we're on the topic--What are the Summers like in Lyon? How hot does it get?

Does it rain a lot? We spent one Summer in Belfast and it rain practically every single



Thanks again for all the information,




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You're probably better off staying in the centre if you're only in the city for a few months. Then you can make the most of it.  However, if you don't want to stay right in the centre, we used to live between Monplaisir and Sans Souci, (just moved outside of Lyon at Christmas) and I'd highly recommend around Place Ambroise Courtois. There's a -fantastic- market held there three days a week (I miss it) and all the shops you need for day-to-day, plus cafes, restros, schools, parks for the dog, the people are really friendly and the rent was reasonable. You're also more likely to get a apartment with a balcony if you're not in the centre, which is useful with a dog. We also have a dog and got to know a lot of the neighbours. Monplaisir/Sans Souci are on the D Metro line which is useful as it goes right into Bellecour and you're less likely to have issues if there's a strike because it's a driverless train! You can also walk into the city in about 20-30mins, depending on where you live.  Also depending on which part you live in, it's one change on the Metro to get to Part Dieu or there's a tram that goes straight there. There's also a tram that goes to Perrache, which is useful and you're close to Grange Blanche which is a bit of a transport hub.

We have friends who live close to Cours Gambetta/Ave Felix Faure and they like it. I walk a lot as I prefer it to taking the metro sometimes so I've walked all around that area and never had a problem. Sometimes it can get a bit "iffy" around Guillotiere, but I've walked around there a lot, too and around the China Town area and still never had an issue, so I guess just take care. There are some great food shops and hidden gems around there!

Summer in Lyon depends on the year. Sometimes it gets to 30s to 40s for a few weeks, but other times it's pretty even throughout. I think 2013 it rained and rained until into July and then was lovely! Just depends, but you get proper seasons unlike in England and Ireland where it's just rain of varying temperatures haha!


Good luck! I hope you find something nice and have a great time in beautiful Lyon!

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