New Specialty Coffee Roaster Opened

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Hi Guys My name is James fromSydney, Australia. I have been traveling around Europe for about 2 years beforesettling down in France 6 months ago. As we all know France has many loves thatwe all have come to love and enjoy but coffee in France is not one of them. After not being able to find good coffee that I have enjoyed in my homecountry, I decided to start a small specialty coffee project to recreate thecoffee I love and bring a bit home with me to France. My specialty coffeeproject named the Sydney Coffee Collective had just gone live online and is nowavailable for retail via our e-shop. We will be focusing on roasting specialitycoffees from around the world, dedicated to the continual improvement ofcoffee by pushing boundaries without being consumed by limitations or what hasbeen roasted before. I welcome you all to try ournew site and to give our amazing specialty coffee a try - Thank you and I hope you allenjoy our coffee. Sydney Coffee Collective James


Carine-ORANGE-867889 1472145889

Hi James, 

My parter and I are french and we lived the past 7 years in Australia. We recently arrived in Lyon and we are craving for a nice coffee shop that Australia has the secret for. We can't access your website yet but would you be able to give us your address? 



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