problems wih skybox and dish

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Good morning Does anybody know somebody /a company who could come and check out our Sky digibox and satellite dish in or around Lyon ? (no signal for the last couple of days) Thanks Dominique  


SteveY-596425 1453456153

Any French satellite installer should be able to test the signal from the dish to see whether it is working.  Then try and borrow another receiver (Sky or Freesat) to see if that works, if it does then your receiver is faulty.   I doubt my local guy would want to come all the way into Lyon


dominique-596434 1453486943

Thanks Steve

I have found a local French installer but apparently I should have asked for the Syndic authorisation before installing the dish ! more complications.

I don't know anybody around me with a Sky digibox so I have ordered a cheap second-hand one from the UK and am keeping my fingers crossed.


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