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Hi. I've got my apartment in Lyon and it is all ready to be rented out. I would like to rent it out to holiday makers on a short-term basis and I'm looking for a management company to list it with. They would need to do everything including meet and greet and laundry and any problem solving as I am living in the UK for a while. The one company I've approached so far provide a good service as I've stayed in one of their apartments before but I'm not overly enthusiastic with their terms and conditions as they include a lot of excessive fees that I would need to pay them before they take on the property. Could you pied a terre owners out there make any recommendations? Thanks for any help!

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Hi does anyone know of a cheap printers to get some flyers printed? the ones ive had quotes of are expensive. Thanks for any tip off. Ciao Gino

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A pet sitting assignment I had set up fot July and August has fallen through as the house owner has been forced to change her plans. Consequently I am urgently looking for an alternative from now until August 26.If you can help, please e mail me and I will contact you straight away to discuss it in greater detail.Regards,Robert Allison(currently in Provence)

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Hi Cany anyone advise me if ikea in Lyon offers a local delivery service for large furniture items. Thanks.

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Hi, Before i waste any more money on learning French has anyone had any success from the CD courses. If so which is best Rosetta Stone or Mitchell Thomas? Also what other methods have people used with best results? Thanks

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Hello. Has anyone any experience in living in Bron. Is it a nice place to be and near enough for the centre to commute. Is it accessable by tram ie is there a stop and busses, trains etc. Is there a VeloV stop. Im looking for a flat for my daughter so just after general info. Many thanks

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I'm travelling to Lyon for the Lyon A la Carte Expat Fair (advertised at the top of this page). It is being held in the Hilton, 70 Quai Charles de Gaulle.. Rooms are 300 euros + per night. Can anyone recommend a cheaper hotel, pref walking distance please? I don't mind around 100 to 120 euros for a business trip, but 300 is hors de question!

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Hi everyone, I am looking to relocate to the Lyon/St. Etienne area as that is where my wife is from. Currently living/working down in the south of France. Does anyone know a good website / resource to look for positions with international or American companies? Or any IT jobs. My French is workable but it's not really my 'strength'. Right now I'm using sites like INDEED.fr but not getting much in the 42/69 departments. Thanks in advance!Daniel

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Happy Independance Day to all Americans in Lyon & France. Hope we all have a good one this year!!!!. Thanks for the stars & stripes Angloinfo, nice touch

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I am just testing the water. I was thinking of buying a refrigerated van to bring chilled/ frozen foods over from the Uk. I know there are loads of people who bring foods over but how many actually do chilled or frozen food over from iceland, Tesco's or even asda. I would do stops at most big towns or city's between Tarbes and the ferry port. Let me have your thoughts on the matter. Del

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Hi can anyone recommend any shops to rig out my new appartment without breaking the bank. Im looking for funky modern and contemporary. Thanks

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Never having been in Lyon when theres a strike on, could anyone tell me if the trams will be running or any other public transport? Thanks

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Hi, we have some relatives coming for a short break this summer so does anyone ave any recommendations for a cheap hotel just for them to crash in? Thanks for any tip offs.

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I left the UK at 18 and moved to Spain, after eight years I moved to France, and seven years later I find myself in Italy! I'm just a bit of an aimless nomad, but I'm always curious to hear other peoples' stories.So, how did you end up in Lyon?! What are your likes and dislikes about your ex-pat life?

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Hi rant coming, Does anyone seem to care who pays and who doesn't on the trams. I buy my yearly pass as do most considerate people, but it really narks me when you see loads of people just get on who clearly dont pay!! Where are all the conductors as ive never seen one ever!!!

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Hi, has anyone seen copies of this for sale in the city and knows where i can get hold of a copy. Thanks

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Hi has anyone invested in the new ipad as im thinking of buying one. I have at the moment the iphone of which i pay around €60 a month subscription. Im thinking of scrapping this and buying an ipad, with a cheap mobile which should work out much cheaper and id welcome any reviews or ideas. Thanks

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Thanks for all you answers on my last question. My latest question is... The question of do you have a TV. Do you tick the box if you have a TV or do you tick it if you haven't got a TV? Thanks.

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We are currently living on our boat and have been in the Med for 4 years. We wintered last year in Roanne on the boat, but it became smaller and colder throughout the winter.We would like to housesit from approx end Oct to MArch 2011 - preferably in Lyon or thereabouts. We dont not have transport besides our boat! We would like to be on a public transport route if possible.We are both an honest and mature couple.Being in Lyon would also give ius a change to attend Allianse Francaise so we could learn some French.Kind regardsLaura and Mike

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Thank you so much for your support Amazon addict and the many others who have emailed us. I am pleased to report things are now going very well for WAIFS 2010 and all the emails received and answered each day by the team. Having had a long weekend break to contend with the team got down to coordinating the women with the most pressing problems and they have now been dealt with. Meetings this week have taken place and our Avocat Maitre Camus is preparing a lot of really useful, clear information for everyone who is interested. Dr B has already put some items on the site and as you will see there have been lots of words of support like yours which is most gratefully received. A meeting with the Consiel General was very interesting and now the details given to us are being prepared for the site and the lady who we deal with said in fact nothing like this has ever been done and she is delighted as she for one cannot speak English and does not her self know all the things that are available throughout France only what she can offer in her offices jurisdiction and dept. She was genuinely thrilled that someone was getting things done and is determined to keep us feed when things change or new things are on offer. There is now an email address for anyone who has a problem or would like to know something as yet not on the site or to offer help. Once again thanks you everyone who has offered help and who needs it, rest assured we are doing our best to get things on the site but nothing is going on until it is checked and we are sure it is useful and accurate and there are a lot of exciting things planned soon so keep your eyes on the site www.wordpress. com WAIFS 2010 and if you wish to contact the team the email address is waifs2010@gmail.com

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