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Hi, Im looking at getting mobile internet and wondered if anyone has got a good deal with a Dongle, so to speak. Thanks

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Here's a long shot but I'm giving everything a try... I’m looking for any kind of house sitting/pet sitting or garden sitting assigment in July and August? I'm a language teacher from England living in Cyprus. Like last year I'm planning again to bring my kids to France for French lessons over the very long summer holidays. Last year we stayed in Brittany; this year I'm planning to put them in residential schools for most of the duration. The dates of the kids courses are 11 July to 21 August . However I can be flexible either side of those dates to suit the homeowner. For myself, while they're away studying, I would like to escape from my very busy work schedule at the university where I work and refresh myself with a dose of French language and culture. I’m willing to pay some rent although at a greatly reduced rate than the standard holiday let price. Last year I was very fortunate to get a very reduced rent in Brittany in return for looking after the garden of a small cottage. So, for this summer I'm looking for any opportunity that might me allow me six to eight weeks of rest and recuperation during the school hols. I’m a non-smoking animal lover and have two dogs and three cats myself. I would love to have the company of pets during a stay. Regards, Robert Allison Kyrenia, Cyprus

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I'm trying to fill in my tax return online and I am in the Déclarez sans certificat (identifiez-vous) section. I know my Numéro de télédéclarant and my Numéro fiscal. The bit that has me baffled is the Revenu fiscal de référence. I can't work out what this is or where to find it. Does anybody have any idea please. Thank you.

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House Hunters International, the hit American property series is looking for expats in Lyon for our next series. We are looking for English-speakers between the ages of 25-50 who have purchased a property in Lyon in the past 2-3 years. We are also looking for local estate agents to appear on the show. Participation in the show is a lot of fun and we also provide a small token of financial appreciation to house hunters and estate agents alike. Please get in touch at househunterscasting@leopardfilms.com with the subject ‘LYON’ and a photo of yourself for more information and we will get right back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi im after a good property management company to look after my appartments in the city. If anyone can vouch for any id be very gratefull. Thanks

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If you see lots of posts from me, I haven't gone mad but only logged on to Anglo Info to see if the promised Rhone Alpes section had been opened (I was looking for some specific info and now can't even remember what it was) and got excited when I saw there is now a section on LyonNot sure why (I got excited) - unless it means that if I run out of Barry's tea .... somebody might bring me some over back from Ireland ?Dominique

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Hi, is the 1st of May a public holiday In Lyon and do the shops banks etc all close. Thanks

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Hi, My laptop appears to have lost the will to live as the monitor keeps going blank. Does anyone know of anywhere to get it Fixed in the city. Thanks

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Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction for an English bookshop in Lyon or perhaps one with a large section as i need my Summer reads. Thanks

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Weve got a flight back to the UK this thursday and getting a little panicy because of the Volcanic based flight disruptions. Does anyone know the latest news as all flights seem to be cancelled again today. thanks

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Hi, we come to Lyon a couple of times a month for a little retail therapy as we live in 07 a little remote. I was wndering if someone could point me in the right direction of a good organic or bio market. Many thanks

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Hello. I have a unique problem. Im moving to the Lyon area next month and wish to Bring my vintage wine collection of around 150 bottles with us. Im a little worried getting it through customs and entering France with this as some are quite expensive french vintages. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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