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Hello! Don't forget that the monthly book swap will take place again this weekend of the 25th April. Follow the "libraries" thread for more info.  

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Hi do any of the Public lending libraries have an Anglophone section to borrow English books. If not are there any other facilities to borrow books in the Lyon area?

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Hello there   I am currently doing some work for a gentleman who is looking to move to Lyon and buy a house.  In the meantime he is looking for an appartment to rent.  I wondered if anyone could give me a lowdown on the different areas in Lyon - those which are good, those which are best avoided.  He has a car, and would like to be within reach of a supermarket.  As I live in the Correze, I am unsure about Lyon and so would welcome any advice. Many thanks Alison

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Hello all, I am hoping to move to Lyon in May to learn French. I was wandering; how shall I go about making calls in France and out to home- UK? Do I buy a specific sim card? And in terms of making transactions and using money, wisely; Shall I open a French account? How so? many thanks   Chi

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Hi all! Does anyone have experience getting US passport photos taken for a newborn? I am trying to decide if it would be better to take them myself and have them printed somewhere or have a professional do them. Thanks!

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Hi, I am planning to move to Lyon with my girlfriend (I am a strongly qualified Software Engineer with basic French + good English + Italian, she is a French Project Manager for web agencies).Do you have any idea about the IT Jobs market? Are there many positions? Is there space for freelancers?Thanks for any help/suggestion/link/idea/comment you can provide! 

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Does anyone know if France offers some kind of language classes for immigrants that are free or either a reduced rate. I'm trying to improve my french at home, I'd like to take classes but I don't have much disposable income at the moment and all the courses I've researched are quite pricey. Cheers  

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Hi, I am looking for a British expat who can vote as an overseas voter in the U.K. to fill out a form for me. Thanks, Paul.

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Does anyone have ang suggestions where best to leave our car for a week at/near Lyon Part Dieu gare, without it costing an arm and a leg? All suggestions welcome, merci.

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My son has to get some bits of furniture out of his flat in the 3rd. -  cooker, fridge, table etc. But he doesn't have a driving licence to hire a van. Anyone know of any house clearance firms that might take all of this stuff?    

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Any buddy artists out there? Watercolour, oils pastels, acrylic, etc. I've created a facebook page Lyon Art Group. As soon as it warms up, or before, there's plenty to draw, stetch and paint en plein air. Small portrait group, meetings, talks, demos. No Fees. Contact - Morris.

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Hi anyone know when the sales will start in Lyon? Went for a browse this morning into the Centre but there just seems to be a few tiny ones, not like the ones in the UK that begin on Boxing day!!! Thanks for any tip offs!

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Yes!!!!!!!!! The best fashion store on the planet is coming to Lyon!!! Now we just need Marks and Spencers and life will be fantastic!!!! Primark Lyon Seems to be going to be in Part Dieu!

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Has anyone come across a French tutor to teach French to English speaking  children? I am looking for a tutor to teach French to my 2 English speaking children, aged 7 and 8 years. They barely have any French at all and are starting at a local French school in 2 weeks whilst we live  in Bron, Lyon till the end of the year.  We would be interested in some fairly intensive, regular tuition to get them up to speed and to continue during their schooling. Does anyone have any contacts or helpful hints? Thanks Carolyn

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Hi, Hope you guys are well. I've received an offer to move up to Lyon in February for work, which I have accepted. I'm Ciaran, 26 and originally fromDundee in Scotland. I have been living in Nice the last 18 months! I have never been to Lyon before, hoping to get a bit more insight about the city itself! Don't worry I've heard nothing but good things ;) My offer is to play music with a French band on their latest tour, which I'm very excited about! I play bass guitar, I'm also interested in the possibility of a little job on the side! In the past I have done Administration work, tourism, public relations & a little bit of bar work! If anyone can guide me in the right direction you would have my eternal gratitude! I can also send a CV on request in French or English!! I also found in Nice one of the best ways of getting to know people was attending the regular groups, I would be very interested in this in Lyon too. Anyway, any replies & information I greatly appreciate. A très bientôt, Ciaran

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Hi are there any outreach teams you can call in Lyon to report homeless people? I ask as there is a family who seem to sleep rough everynight near our apartment. Don't want to get them into trouble just want to help as its pretty cold out there! Thanks for any help!

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http://www.meetup.com/Lyon-AngloINFO-English-Speakers-Meetup/ Just RSVP to be included!,,,,,,,Not a member of our meetup group?,,,,,,,you should be!!!

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Hi there! I'm 30 years old from London and I moved here with my husband a couple of months ago. So if anyone is interested in meeting up for a drink sometime, then let me know!

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Hi, does anyone know where I can find a pumpkin for Hallowe'en, for carving rather than eating? Thanks!

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Hello Everyone,I would like to know if any anglos would be interested in a writer's circle.  Such circles already exist in Paris (Shakespear&C°), and elsewhere for English-natives who are advanced writers or just dabbling with the experience.Having organised such groups in the past, it can be amusing for those who love writing to those who think that they have no talent for it (but do!)If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me at liba.m18@gmail.com

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