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Hi everyone,I am currently beginning the process of moving away from Lyon and back to my home country of Scotland.In moving back to Scotland, I do not have furniture, but just a lot of smaller homeware stuff (dishes, glasses) and clothes, and other household items like a large keyboard. I am unsure about hiring a van and driving back to Scotland solo, and I don't want to hire a removal company for a smaller amount of stuff, but I hope there might be other options. Does anyone know of any companies that might (for a good price) help me ship my belongings back to the UK? It doesn't have to be my final destination (Edinburgh) but somewhere in UK would work.Thanks for your help everyone!Helen

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Hi Is anyone driving to the UK week beginning 21 April who would like someone to share the driving/share petrol costs? I have a full, clean UK licence. I have tried to book a flight back to Manchester and or London and they are ridiculously expensive! Thanks   Tony

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 Just seen in Le Progrés that Ninkasi are opening a pub in Vieux Lyon and are looking for English speaking staff.   http://www.leprogres.fr/economie/2014/03/26/le-ninkasi-va-debarquer-dans-le-vieux-lyon

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Bonjiour, Je cherche une chambre à Lyon.Ce serait bien si c'est pas cher. Je suis fille de Lituanie et je suis à Lyon pour améliorer mon français et aprés étudier l'art. J'ai 19 ans et j'aime beaucoup de la musique, l'art, dessiner, la peinture, voyage... J'aime beaucoup la vie mais parfois c'est difficile :))) Contactez moi par email : silintajancauskaite@gmail.com A bientôt!!!

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Bonjour, Je suis fille de Lituanie et j'ai 19 ans. Je suis à la recherche un emploi à Lyon sorcière m'aiderait à améliorer mes compétences en français et aussi où j'ai l'expérience.J'avais travaillé à Paris comme femme de ménage et je suis assez similaire avec ce travail. Jèai habité chez madame et j'ai fait nettoyage, repassage.* Aussi, je voudrais travailler avec les enfants. J'avais travaillé dans la Chambre des enfants ( comme créche) en Lituanie.Je leur enseignais comment dessiner. Contactez moi par email : silintajancauskaite@gmail.com            

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Hello To translate a screenplay (50pages)I am looking for someone, not neccessary a professional who can translate french to (american)english(payment by Paypal only) Tommy

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Greetings everyone!My partner and I are moving to Lyon in a few weeks. We will do the temporary housing thing for a couple of months, but starting July 1 we need a new appartement.We currently live in San Francisco, love the city, the restaurants, the park, the dog friendliness, etc. . .Which neighborhoods would you suggest to to find a traditional "old"-style appartement, close proximity to restaurants, parks, easy dog walking and an interesting diverse environment? The last time I was in Lyon was in the 80s and I don't remember anything -- plus the needs have somewhat changed from being a teenager to now being in my mid-40s. . .Any feedback as to what neighborhood to check out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!

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Most American banks don't have the chip which is really annoying, I was wondering if anyone has purchased a prepaid card or a traveler's card. I'm only in Lyon for 5 months so a bank account is an option but I was hoping I could find something easier.    any suggestions?

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Hello, I would like to ask about the details of this pole emploi´s course. I was offered one , but I would like to know how many hours per day and per week it is and for how long. Do any of you have such a infos?....Thanks in advance 

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Hello, I have been to the pole - emploi about looking for work and they have suggested taking the french lesson in Lyon. I was wondering if anybody has done these classes can give me any info on the times and days that they did. I am sure it is part-time but other than that i dont know anything else...Many thanks for any info

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Hi we have broken down in Lyon on a Valentine's / 20th Wedding Anniversary weekend away, and need to get the car back home to Libourne (or somewhere close). Can anyone help.  Our insurance covers getting us back  home, but not the car.  Any suggestions or referrals will be very welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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The Anglo French Railway Modellers (AFRM) group is still open to new members. You don't have to actually own any models, we want anyone who is interested in model railways to share our passion for our hobby. Visit our forum at  amfrm24 and talk to fellow enthusiasts, ask questions or give advice. All welcome. If you cannot find the forum address please PM me and I will redirect you

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The Foreign Affairs Committee is conducting an inquiry into FCO Consular services. They “want to hear from as many people as possible who have had to seek help from a British Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission when travelling. Whether you had a good or bad experience, we’d like you to tell us about it”.  To facilitate this the Committee has started a web forum to receive users views and is open now until 11 February. It can be found at: http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/foreign-affairs-committee/news/consular-services-web-forum-launch/  FCO Consular is keen to support participation in the web forum and encourage people who have used our full range of services as they consider all feedback to be valuable.

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My husband and I are currently in Valence looking for work and a place to live. We'd like to meet up with some of the expats in the area to have a drink and get a feel for the place. We're in our mid twenties and are interested in music, languages and travel. Is anyone free?  

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Hi, I'm soon to relocate from Lyon to Adelaide and wonder if anyone can recomend an international moving company? Thanks

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Hi,  i have just moved to lyon for the sole purpose to learn french..... i am a masters degree holder in business/management and have ample work experience. however since i am a beginer in French language, I was wondering if anyone knows where i can find a job for english speakers? i dont mind speaking my beginner french just that i am not very good at french yet so need a job, any job at all will do.  apart from teaching English, can anyone advise me on anyother possibilities? even if its working at Macdonalds, i do not mind Thanks.......

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Hi. My name is Paul and I have just moved back to France after being away for the last 12 years. I am trying to get all my paperwork sorted out but am being asked for my carte de sejour. I can not make them understand that I no longer need one and that my passport (Irish) is all the ID that I need to work here.  If anyone can tell me where I can get something on the internet to print out and show them or has any other ideas that may help me I would very much appreciate it.    Paul.

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Hi anyon know when the sales will start in Lyon? Haven't seen any sales signs when they may be starting! Thanks

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Hi I've recently relocated here and as I spent the last 14 years in London i never got around to getting a driving license! I wondered if anybody knew of a driving school with any english speaking instructors that they are able to reccomend? I'm based down near Vienne but easy to get into Lyon with teh train. Many thanks Phill

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Hi im currently here in Lyon on a working holiday visa for one year and it finishes in january, im wondering if its possible to extend it if so where in Lyon can i get this done. i have a work contract hopefuly that makes it easier. if its too hard to extend the visa i will need and English working visa. i plan to move there next year and im not sure how to go about this while overseas. i a from New Zealand any help on this would be awesome  cheers

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