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Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Americans Lyon!!!! Enjoy this great day in out culture!

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Is there really a right royal war of the pubs breaking out in Lyon ? http://www.tribunedelyon.fr/?actualite/economie/40527-les-guerre-des-pubs-anglais-est-declaree Shame we live so far out of town  

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Hi all, I am hoping to move to Lyon very soon (I am currently looking for teaching work) and I wonder which areas are the best to live in?  I am a young 30 year old girl looking for a room in a flat share.  My preference would be an area that is reasonably lively and sociable, not too expensive, but nice and safe.   Thanks for any advice!  

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Does anyone know if it is possible to get customs stamps for tax refund before checking in bags? I know you can at Heathrow. We have a few things bought tax free here in Europe we would prefer to pack rather than lug through in hand luggage. Many thanks for any info. Tim

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Hi After a year of trying to sell our property, with no luck so far. Can anybody recommend a free to advertise Internet website, where we can advertise our property? Thanks for your help.

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  I'm disabled, in a wheelchair but can walk a little. My family is touring France next year for 3 months and need suitable ground floor or lift access accommodation. I can manage a few steps but ideally I need a wet room or a wheel-in shower but a step-in shower would be ok. Any help would be appreciated.

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Internet SCAM targeting English-speakers in FRANCE Hi there, I would like to raise a warning voice because of a recent experience I've had while looking for a part-time nanny job. A certain Mr. Elliott Gilmore who presented himself as a father of two kids, going to move in Lyon in two weeks. The family was looking for somebody to take care of their flat/kids, etc. He offers 300 EURO PER WEEK and is very convincing, gives details, etc. So where is the scam? He would ask you for your address and will eventually send a CHEQUE of which you are supposed to take your first weekly salary + he will send an extra sum for his shopping and other stuff they would need for the first week here. That was a very popular scam in the USA in 2010, namely the "nanny scam", they send you a cheque of like 2400 EURO by a third party (their supposed associate in France), ask you to deposit it in your French account and in several days ask you to transfer a part of the sum to somebody else, as if it's part of their settling in process, that somebody else is in fact them! How do you get caught in their game? It's a FAKE CHEQUE, but your bank will learn it in a week or two, by this time the most naive/less careful of us would have fallen in their trap. As it's a fake cheque it's you who bears responsibility of the fraud and your bank will ask you to give back the whole sum.... in other words lots of trouble coming your way, you can get legally charged even for your attempt in working in the black. I've heard about the scam before so immediately after he mentioned about the cheque payments I was off and didn't reply any further, however BE CAREFUL, that thing is regaining popularity in France, especially among English-speaking circles. Feel free to share this with your friends looking for some easy cash in France. And most importantly NEVER take money from people you've never met! Play it safe with legal employment and declared stuff rather!!

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Hello, Do you know of any good English-speaking dentist in Lyon? Thank you! 

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Hi anyone know where you can buy Remembrance Poppys from in Central Lyon? Many Thanks

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Hi, I am looking for a good English-speaking psychiatrist/therapist (preferably British, if not American) in the Lyon area for marriage counselling. I am also looking for a good French-speaking therapist who could help also with marriage counselling (so that we don't get a biased cultural point of view), my idea is to see both. Thanks in advance,  Anon x

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I've read the market list on this site and visited a few however they do not always offer everything listed on here. I often pass markets selling wonderful bouquets of flowers so cheaply but I'm always on a bike or on my way to work and I forget where and when I've seen them. Does anyone know where I can visit a market selling flowers either tomorrow or Thursday morning (16th or 17th) ?

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Hi anyone know where there are any photo booths in Central Lyon? I mean the ones for passports etc, I know there will be some, but where? Thanks

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Hi there, I've registered to do the Run In Lyon 10km on October 6th but to do it I need a 'certificat medical' and I'm getting quite stressed about it. Does anyone know the easiest way to go about getting one of these? I'm not registered with a doctor here or any kind of surgury. Will it be expensive to do this? Thanks! James

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Hi... I'm living in the Lyon area, and am making a documentray film for a US film festival... and am in need of English over-dub voices, both male and female. It doesn't matter where you're from... just natural English is required. Short texts are prepared; if you're interested and willing, I can come to you (with technician) to record. Other films to follow... Best Rob Hope

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Good morning B....y RSI now want a translation of my husband's birth cert by a "traducteur assermenté" (we transferred from CPAM to RSI in January 2010, yes 2010 ) so he already has a SS number, so I don't know why they want this); it's taken them so long to even start addressing the issuing of a carte vitale for my husband that I find this very irritating. Enough of a rant : I can't find the cost of doing this on the internet : does anybody have any idea ?thanks in advanceDominique

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Hi, I am a 36 years old English guy in Lyon who due to exceptional circumstances has found myself with nowhere to go or stay, i have just come out of hospital after being attacked. My bag was stolen with everything i needed. If there is any good samaritans out there who could give me help or a place to stay for a night or two or know of anywhere, i would be extremely grateful. i am honest and reliable, please email me as my phone was stolen. thankyou

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Hello Somebody just told me about this website : http://lyon.onvasortir.com/index.php?Langue=EN The idea is simple:Anyone can suggest any kind of event (movie, theatre, hiking, japanese restaurant or anything else that interests you...)Instead of going by yourself, you can now go with one or many of the interesting and enthusiastic people who share the same interests as you. It's the best way to meet some true friends.Also each member can register to any event suggested by any other member. It is simple and easy ! I thought it might be of interest to new arrivals in Lyon,   Dominique    

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Hi were about to book tickets for thr TGV from Lyon to Paris for a vacation with our kids, Im wondering what the main differences are between first and second class? Im worried about luggage space as we have a large suitcase each, so five! Also is there anywhere to eat in second class etc? Thanks for any tips!

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hi there does anyone know of any good places to swim in Lyon eg. outdoor swimming pools, lakes, or rivers. Thanks heaps

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Hi there I'm looking for a social rugby team in Lyon I joined a team last year but they were too far away. I don't speak French so it's difficult but any help would be awesome. Cheers guys  

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