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Hello. We will be mostly camping it up in the Ardeche for the first week of September and wonder if any of you nice people know of a long-range weather forecasting site, or have an aged farmer friend with lumbago or a pine cone or a clump of seaweed  to hand? Thanks in anticipation.

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Are you (or do you know) any British barbers/hairdressers who are looking for employment (not on the 'black') in Lyon? If so, I would be very interested in getting in contact - I may know someone looking for someone. Thank you.

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Hello, Can anyone recommend a removals company, from France (Lyon) to UK (London) please?  Many thanks,  B Jones

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Could anyone reccommend me a good and efficient French school in Lyon? 

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The Merlin 1000 project, involving a group of brave cyclists who are travelling from RAF Benson in Oxfordshire to Milan by pedal power. They will arrive in Lyon today, at around 16:00. There is a reception at the King Arthur pub, 10 rue de la Monnaie www.kingarthur.fr from 4pm onwards. There’s no need to register, just go down and enjoy the atmosphere of an English pub and join in the fun event focussed on the amazing challenge these crazy cyclists have taken on! You can also donate through the dedicated website - http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Merlin1000

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Hi there,  I'm looking to get work as an English Teacher in Lyon. I am certified to teach English. I have a university degree. I also have a higher than basic knowledge of French. I'm in Canada and would prefer to get a job before moving to France (I'm also an EU passport holder). Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about finding work? Any links to schools in Lyon would be great.  Thanks! - Rose

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Hi we just found a new appartment which is the hardest thing in the world with all the paper work. But the landlord is asking for our parents bank account numbers back in nz so they can be our guarentours. Is this normal? Is it safe? any help would be heaps good. :)

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Does anyone know if anywhere is showing the Lions games?  Specifically on the 29th June?  It is a bit of an early start...

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Looks like there is free (low speed) WiFi at the airport at last A Lyon-Saint Exupéry et Lyon-Bron, on surfe gratuit ! Aéroports de Lyon propose dès cet été un Wifi gratuit et illimité à disposition des passagers de Lyon-Saint Exupéry et Lyon-Bron. L’accès au web dans les terminaux devient gratuit et illimité avec un débit suffisant (256 Kbps) pour consulter ses mails, suivre ses followers ou passer en revue ses actualités préférées. De quoi bien occuper son temps libre à l’aéroport !    Côté business, salons et Centre d’Affaires bénéficient également d’un accès gratuit et illimité avec un débit supérieur (512 Kbps).   Les passagers soucieux de naviguer à haut débit (jusqu’ 4 Mb) peuvent aussi opter pour du Wifi Premium au tarif adapté. Un service à la carte pour surfer sans retenue !  Comment ça marche ? Pour surfer depuis un ordinateur portable, une tablette ou un smartphone, rien de plus simple. Il suffit de démarrer son navigateur internet pour se connecter au réseau et le portail Wifi d’Aéroports de Lyon s’affiche automatiquement, avec ses différentes offres, y compris l’accès gratuit et illimité avec une reconnexion obligatoire toutes les 30 minutes.  

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Hi, i have just moved away from lyon to a small town and am caring for my son at home.  I would like, when I can to use any free time to study French but a unable to get out.  Anyone know a good book, DVD or online system to study French?    thanks  tina

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“MERLIN 1000” Sponsored Cycle Ride – July 2013     During July, a team of RAF personnel from 28 Sqn, RAF Benson will ride from Benson in Oxfordshire to Milan.  The ride is a sponsored event in aid of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines Charity, RAF Benevolent Fund and the Children’s Forces Trust.   The team will pass through Lyon, resting overnight on 12th/13th July, and they will be welcomed on their arrival in Lyon, at an informal reception at the King Arthur Pub commencing at 16.00.   Please join us and give generously to the charities involved.    If you are unable to attend, but would still like to sponsor this event, please go to: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Merlin1000   For further information, please contact: anthonyabrittain@aol.com   For further information, please contact: anthonyabrittain@aol.com

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  This may not be of interest to most of you, but to those of you who are claiming any benefits read on.   We all know that the CAF run random 'controles' requiring all bank statements, car documents, etc (I've had two in the last four years) from the year dot but they have now started a new scheme. At a supper the other night one of the invitees works for the CAF. They are putting in place officers to specifically check on foreigners with no declared income. (It's already in place in my region.) They have started to use Google and Facebook to search for (particularly British) claimants to see if they have any signs of working. So if anyone is claiming benefit and  is offering services such as cleaning, dog sitting, odd jobs, caretaking and you have a website or are advertising anywhere using your name, be aware, be very aware. Also don't make any reference to 'working' if you're registered as unemployed on your FB page. Not scare-mongering but they really are trying to catch out as many people as possible.

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Hi   Does anyone know if it is easy and or possible to renew a UK passport here in Lyon.   Thanks

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    Important information for all Auto Entrepreneurs out there. Mme Sylvia Pinel, minister for Crafts (Ministre de l'Artisanat, du Commerce et du Tourisme) is still going ahead with her plans to set a 2 year time limit for AE as a main activity. Obviously, if this gets passed then it is VERY bad news for small businesses in France. After the 2 years are up you will automatically be moved to the other regimes eg SARL, EURL etc or have to close your business. As most auto entrpreneurs know the other systems are very unfriendly to the self employed. These other systems of employment are not always suitable for the self employed, especially as they require prepayment of taxes and social contributions, something that many of us would find prohibitive. There are over 900,000 people registered as Auto Entrepreneurs in France. If you are one of them (or know of anyone who, is please pass this information on to them) there is petiton set up (see the link below) please sign it. As you can see from the amount who have signed so far (currently 8600), there is a long way to go before an effective petition is achieved and that's why it is important for any Auto Entrepreneurs to sign up. http://www.defensepoussins.fr/ It is in french but signing up is very straight forward There is also a Facebook page search for “Defensepoussins.fr” For more information on the subject enter “Changes to the Auto Entrepreneur 2013” to a search engine. I hope this post will be allowed to stay up on AngloInfo as I know there are many British, Irish and Dutch etc people living in France and earning a living from being self employed under the AE system, so being able to pass this information on to as may of people as possible is crucial and AngloInfo is the perfect community forum to help pass this message on. I am a self employed (AE) dressmaker, running a little business here and love being and living in France. I feel I want to do something to try to keep small businesses and self employed people in business and that is why I have submitted this post. Thank you for reading.

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I need to move an American Fridge Freezer to spain, can anyone recomend a removal company, or van driver.  Thanks  

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Hello people! I am looking to buy a nice dress to wear to a wedding, and my partner needs a fancy suit to wear aswell. We have been in lyon for a while and we know that there are three districts we are likely to find this: 1) The 6th district, 2) The bellecour shopping strip, and 3) Guillotiere. Can anyone give there recommendations as to which district is best for wedding outfits? I see there are plently of wedding shops in Guillotiere - but I have no idea about the quality or cost. In the 6th district - everything is properly likely to be out of budget. And as for the Bellecour strip - well its a big strip! Where to start? We are short on time :-( and would appreciate any advice, especially based on your personal shopping experiences in Lyon for wedding dresses (for a bridesman) and a suit! Thanks in advance!!!

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http://uk.news.yahoo.com/briton-questioned-kids-throats-cut-102835832.html#5RM0b1W   Not the sort of thing you want to read about in Lyon! 

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Hi everyone  I've already got renters insurance with Amaguiz. I think it's pretty basic cover, as I pay €14 per month, I chose this as I knew I was required to have it.  I've recently purchased a new bike and some other expensive items. Unfortunately I've had two bikes stolen in Lyon city centre since living here.  So can anyone recommend a good insurer, who will also covers items like my mountain bikes, phones, other household items.  Thanks James

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could offer some advice. I work in the recruitment team at Electronic Arts and we're currently looking for a Senior HR Manager to join our Lyon office on a short term basis (8 month contract). We're looking for someone with fluent English and international experience. Could you recommend anywhere to advertise the role/people to contact for referrals?I really appreciate your help.Hope to hear back from you soon.Kind Regards,Louisa Lombardo   https://performancemanager4.successfactors.com/career?career_ns=job_listing&company=EA&navBarLevel=JOB_SEARCH&rcm_site_locale=en_US&career_job_req_id=18941&selected_lang=en_US&jobAlertController_jobAlertId=&jobAlertController_jobAlertName=&_s.crb=A3O1hMZ%2bTPLDRpO1fxQNvYOmVIc%3d  

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Hi anyone know if the Metro ( Underground) is working tomorrow in Lyon as its a bank holiday?

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