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Hi , does someone know a english speaking speech therapist in Lyon ?  One of my collegue moving to France is looking for one for his 4 year old son. Can you give the name, adress and phone number if you know one (by PM/email) ? Thank you

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Hello, I am starting a new post. There was a similar post from 2013 from a fellow angloinfo member who was looking for an English speaking midwife. I called her today and she actually just moved out of Lyon. I was just wanting to know if anyone else had found any English speaking midwives in the area? I am 20 weeks pregnant, and my husband doesnt understand French very well, so it was recommended that we should find a midwife instead of joining the French-only preparation courses offered at the Lyon-Sud hospital. We are in the 2nd arrondisement, but we are willing to travel around Lyon, if that helps. Casina

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Hello everyone,I've been going back and forth between France and UK for a few years now...but have always "officially" lived in the UK. Now going to move to France for good. I intend to sign as an auto-entrepreneur (self-employed) but I don't understand how you get the carte vitale. Do you automatically get sent the forms or is the onus on you to do all the chasing? I don't know if you have to do all of this within a certain timeframe.From what I gather you just need:proof of your auto-entrepreneur statuspassporttranslation of birth certificate ("sworn translation")Anyone got first-hand experience of this? I've had a look on "How to.." but it's not that helpful for self-employed peopleDo you need any forms from the UK? Best,Jonatham

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Hi all,Just wondering if anyone knows of any english speaking yoga classes on in the city. I am in the 5th but will go wherever. Preferably pregnancy yoga but will be happy with any! Thanks!Triona.

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Has anyone tracked one down in Lyon Centre or on Public transport routes? thanks for any tip offs as My French isn't that good just yet!!!

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The saga continues..... Finally got my own green cafte vitale with my smiling face but now told that i need to get a top up insurance over and above this! What is it about the French system? I am already paying arou d €2500 p.a. for the  arte vitale based on salary slips from two hears ago (I am now retired and my current income does not come near what I earned before) and now I have to pay a top up!  We receiveed one quote from AXA who insure our car and they quote €1500 per annum.  What experiences do others have? I have o ly been off

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Does anyone know of any English speaking grief/bereavement support groups in Lyon, or any resources for English speakers?   Thank you.

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Hi just arrived in Lyon and found this great site for expats! Ive been here a few days but already have a problem. Ive only got a couple of days supply of birth control pills left so need to act fast. Anyone recommend a doctor who speaks English and do they just simply issue repeat prescriptions? Been France i suspect it may be harder. I'm not in the system yet as im looking for employment opportunities. Thanks for any help!

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Hello everyone, we have been accepted to the Frence l'Assurance Maladie which is great but the costs are based on my salary from the UK in 2013 when I was working.   I live here and have done since June working on our house and living from savings and intend to do so for the foreseeable future however, I do  intend to eventually draw down on a pension.   My actual income is therefore pretty limited (dividends from investments only which probably amount to less than €5000 p.a.) Yet the charges that have been applied amount to €70 per week for the two of us (€3640 p.a.) and these have been backdated a few weeks even though we were not made aware that we were covered then and have a letter from the authorities that cover commenced yesterday!   How do I tackle these change in my financial circumstances?   thank you in anticipation and many happy returns for the Festive Season!

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Dear all Hi  Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist who can do braces surgery in the Lyon area?  Dr Alexandre Baroud does not do braces I was wondering if someone might send me the list of English speaking dentist Many thanks Best   Kailin

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Hi, Does anybody know a good dentist in Lyon? English speaking would be a plus but isn't strictly necessary.Cheers.

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Hi I live in the 3rd arrondissement and wondered if there are any slimming world or weight loss groups in Lyon? The boulangerie is my nemesis!! Thanks

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Hi, anyone know of one as i need to register? Many thanks

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Hi, I am looking for an english speaking gynecologist in Lyon, urgently. If anyone has any information, would be grateful if you could share it with me. Thank you in advance.

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Hi all I need to see an Osteopath and am looking for a female osteopath who someone has visited and knows that she is good. I've seen a few advertised (some on here), but I'd like to know of anyone's personal experiences? Before moving here I used to visit an osteo who was brilliant and able to fix everything! But the man we were recommended to go to by my husaband's workplace was frankly scary and 'innapropriate' and it has put me off going to see another here! Anyone with any experience, please let me know. Thank you!  

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Does anyone know a good orthodontist (for adults) in Lyon? Preferably one who speak some English in case I get stuck with French! Also, does anyone know how the system works with this kind of dental care? Ie, so I need to get a referral from a normal dentist before going etc. Please let me know. Thanks!

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I am looking for a yoga community, studio or practice place.  French is not an issue. With thanks Emma

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I'm looking for English speaking tennis coach to give a couple of lessons to me and my wife in Lyon area. We have previous experience but haven't played in couple of years. Would appreciate any contacts or recommendations.

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Hi. Can anyone recommend an English speaking opthalmologist who works with the Ortho K / night time contact lenses? We are moving to Lyon very soon and I need to book an appointment for myself and my daughter. I would be so grateful if you could private message me any contact details :) Thanks. 

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Hi everyone,   Does anybody know of a hairdresser in Lyon who knows how to do blonde foils or highlights well? No golden tones, no brassiness and no organge or yellow! Basically they need to use a toner to couternact the dye from 'throwing orange'. I've been to Frank Provost at Part Dieu and another big change (the name has escaped me). I've also been to a couple of smaller places and still no luck. Admittedly it could be in part my broken and terrible french...   Any help or reccs appreciated! 

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