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My husband and I just got stung by this, I want to make sure others don't! If you are looking to rent property in France DO NOT respond to any ANY adverts from ROSELYNE DESPRES, A. BLAISE or JOSE-JOEL BOMPART. They are scammers. Here is what their advert looks like: http://lyon.fr.craigslist.fr/apa/4549292905.html Their email addresses are: roselyne.despres@yahoo.fr a.blaise87@yahoo.fr They will ask for a Western Union or MoneyGram transaction for a desposit and first month's payment made payable to their 'accountant' but they will remind you to keep the code secret, and the receipt safe. (The understanding is that once you have seen the apartment, you give them the receipt and they can then collect the money. So you're not sending money via the internet. Seems so safe and trustworthy!). After that they will ask you to do an 'attestation de paiement' via La Poste to prove that you have made the mandate for the rent and the desposit. That website is: http://telechargements-des-attestations.com/ Once you have done that, they will email again to ask for ANOTHER TWO MONTHS' rent to comply with the law and will also send an attachment with the rental agreement. They then disappear with your money with they have managed to access somehow, probably from the http://telechargements-des-attestations.com/ website.


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I'm very sorry to hear about this terrible experience.

Unfortunately, this type of housing scam is very common especially on popular websites such as Le bon coin.

As a rule of thumb, NEVER ever send money by Western Union / Money Gram / Mandat Cash as this is 99.9% a scam.

Take care

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