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I was wondering if anyone could help? I was wondering if they have such a thing as furniture and household auctions in France like they do in the UK? I am looking for old rather than new style furniture.

started by: muffin-596402 · last update: 1281028422 · posted: 1280928068

Any one any suggestions for eradicating a hot mug mark left on a wooden kitchen work surface. Im thinking there may be some products available on the market but just wondered if any good "old wife's tips" which could sort it out better as it looks a mess and driving me nuts. Thanks

started by: Milly-596427 · last update: 1280957092 · posted: 1280957092

Any good suggestions for getting rid of these horrible little creatures? I am currently being plagued every night in my apartment!

started by: Lyonnaise · last update: 1280416730 · posted: 1280416730

Hi, Does anyone know where i can find some pull chord switches for bathrooms from like the UK ones?

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1280253447 · posted: 1280253447

Hi has anyone found a great cleaning product for the parquet flooring in my appartment which also may hold off all the dust for more than 5 mins. Thanks

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Hi, can anyone suggest an original house warming present for the man who has everything or maybe a shop that sells suitable pressies as ive been invited to a party and have no idea wht to take.

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Help!!! Is there anybody out there who is computer savvy and has used the Ikea 3D Planner to design a kitchen. I am in desperate need of help and would be very grateful if anybody could be off assistance. I haven't got a kitchen,just an empty space and really am getting brassed off with it. Thanks for any advice.

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Hi, does anybody know of any stores in Lyon that sell/mix the various colours of dulux paint that we can get made up in the UK? I find the Bricorama selections quite plain. Help!!

started by: Bellecour · last update: 1279050633 · posted: 1279026149

When looking at the details for appartments what is the T bit in the details, is this the number of Bedrooms ie is a T3 3 bedroom?

started by: Vinnie69 · last update: 1278951024 · posted: 1278617120

Hi, In my apartment building there is no place to recycle glass bottles and in my areas there are no visible places either. What should I do with them? I have accumulated quite a big collection and would like to get rid of them as as possible. Thanks

started by: noodle-596395 · last update: 1278946861 · posted: 1278845223

It was thundery weather yesterday with more to come in Lyon. My question is for an IT specialist or an electrician. Do you know what is the best way of protecting our computers against storm and lightning ?

started by: Kerryk-596499 · last update: 1278767348 · posted: 1278767348

Hi does anyone know of an english speaking plumbing service in the city? Not an emergency yet but getting there!

started by: popsy-596393 · last update: 1278705262 · posted: 1277984758

Hi are there any shops or associations in Lyon that offer book swaps of English Language books on a take a book, leave a book basis ?

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Is there anyway to boost the signal from my orange livebox as it doesn't reach certain areas of my appartment. Any ideas welcomed

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Hi, My appartment is beeb plagued by mosquitoes and im biten all over(very sore and itchy!!) Seen as its so hot at the moment we can't keep all the windows shut so i wondered if anyone had found a product that keeps the lil horrors out. Any help appreciated!!

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I think ive got a wasps nest in the roofspace of my appartment as i got a very painful sting this morning whilst i was in bed. Ive also squatted three more today. Can anyone tell me what i should do? Thanks

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Hi im looking for a Brocante that offers good value for money anywhere in Lyon as the ones ive been in seem very expensive and full of rubbish. Has anyone any gems they know about?

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Hi, just seen a nice flat in this area of the city, has anyone any opinions as to the area both ositives or negs. Thanks for any tip offs!

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Hi, is it possible to grow vines on balconys as ive recently seen a gorgeous and very modern twisted vine with tendrils going off at different angles which I think would look great on my balcony. Is this a reasonable idea or may it grow out of control? Any advice welcomed

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Hi to all. My daughter is moving to Lyon for two years as part of her university degree this year and im after a bit of information on where to look for an appartment. She needs to be within public transport of the centre and in a nice part of town (Safe!!!) Also are there any ex pat groups that are available to join and whats the overall feel of the city. Guess im just a little worried as ive only visited a couple of times a few years ago. Thanks for any information.

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