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Hi does anyone know the going rate to pay a domestic cleaner in Lyon? Thanks

started by: stephenmt · last update: 1342552607 · posted: 1333378636

Hi - we are fairly new to the Lyon area having been relocated for work from the US. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/referrals on where to find someone to help with apartment cleaning on a regular basis (every two weeks or possibly once a week). Also, if anyone has any advice on what to look for, questions to ask, etc. we'd be extremely grateful. Thanks so much in advance for any assistance.I can be reached by email at trumbullsm@gmail.com for any correspondence.

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Hi we live in the 3rd of Lyon and have unexpectedly been left with large amounts of building waste and rubble due to alterations to our appartment. I know the dechetterie will be the best bet but are you allowed to take industrial waste? Thanks for any comments.

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What would the French call, what we in the UK call a Louvre door, and where can I buy one or get one made? Searching for Louvre on Castorama and Leroy Merlin website doesn't give much. Ironic given that it has a French name. A Louvre door is a door with internal slats (like a Venetian blind) that allows air to circulate. Thanks :-)

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Does anyone know where I can buy black out / noise reduction curtains from or near Lyon? Thanks

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The only thing that bugs me about our new apartment in the very dirty stained enamel bathtub! Ive tried to scrub it clean but cant seem to shift the marks on it! The enamel is very old and now very porous and I can't scrub it completely clean. Can anyone recommend a cleaning product that might help?

started by: Lizzyau · last update: 1339414919 · posted: 1339407221

Hi, we have recently moved to Lyon, and have rented an apartment in the 1st not far from Place Bellecour, Can someone please tell me where to find curtain fabric? or a place that sells curtains+curtain rods. Many thanks

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Lyon seems pretty good for most things but im struggling to find a good pet store. Im looking for a chain type store which i can buy most things for my dog, food equipment etc and on the Metro line as we don't have a car. Thanks

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Has anyone tried painting tiles? Am interested to hear your stories before I try doing it myself! Was it difficult / look effective? I have quite a large area in my kitchen in my apartment. Thanks in advance!

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Hello! I am new to angloinfo and considering relocating to Lyon with my family. Can anyone provide me with some basic information such as (1) Typical cost of rent for a family-friendly appartment in a safe and friendly neighborhood (which district would that be? (2) What is the income tax in France and (3) how is the safety in the city? Thanks for any help with these questions.

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Hi has anyone seen anywhere in Lyon that sells foam to make replacement cushions for a sofa? Ive never seen any in the shops or markets in the centre.

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Hi wondering where the most cost effective store in the Lyon area is to buy white goods for my apartment. Im after a big Chiller & Freezer, Oven, Dishwasher etc. Thanks for any tips!

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Hi there :D I've just moved to Lyon and for the past 4 weeks we have been in a hotel room with my two cats. We've found somewhere to move into in two weeks time, and I would ideally love it to have broadband because I'm a bit of a techie.. I'd like it to be a fast broadband too.. Now, I have no clue what to go for as I no nothing about it over here.. In the UK i was with Virgin and they did the broadband, tv and phone in one package, something like this would be ideal... Also, are there any services where you can get English tv channels? I do want to watch French tv for learning the language, but occasionally I like to switch my brain off and watch English tv so I don't have to concentrate quite so hard :P Any idea's of info on this would be amazing, thanks for your help in advance! Kat x

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We have a buyer for my small apartment in Lyon. They want it empty. I'm told Emmaus will come and clear it. Any info appreciated.

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Are they manditory to have then installed in Rental properties in Lyon? Thanks

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Hi looking for a bargain priced large lampshade for the base i got in the sales from Habitat this weekend in Lyon. I need a plainish white one, and in the sales if anyone has seen any? Thanks

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Has anyone else had difficulties picking up all the TNT channels since the analogue switch-off last year? Before this I had 18 free channels on both my new twin HD tuner DVD recorder and on my TNT equipped TV. On Saturday I had no reception at all, so re-scanned as per official instructions. Now I have only 5 channels belonging to the France TV group and no TF1. A friend told me that the chageover isnt yet complete but I find this hard to believe, so suspect maybe the shared antenna on my building. However I wonder if its something more fundemental, with my equipment. Any ideas? Thanks

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Does anybody know where in the Lyon area, I could buy a separate headboard for a small double bed? The ones available online in the Uk are not the same size as continental bed sizes. Thanks

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Are there any Libraries in Lyon that have an English section to lend books? Thanks

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See the sales start today in Lyon. Wheres the best place for bargains in particular furniture? Thanks

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