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Hi I need our kitchen more than painted: everything moved out, walls and ceiling washed and painted.I can't actually see anybody in the classified section, they all seem to be decorators.Can somebody recommend somebody ?Thanks in advance,Dominique

started by: Vinnie69 · last update: 1316434060 · posted: 1315905257

We live on the fifth floor of a block in Lyon and I think the window in my 6 year old daughters room is unsafe. Does anyone know of somebody who could look at it and install suitable safety equipment (a grille or mesh for example) to prevent her falling out for a reasonable price? Is this the responsibility of our landlord who is pretty elusive when it comes to repairs! Many thanks

started by: Marcia-597193 · last update: 1314959530 · posted: 1314879303

Hi to all, can anyone help me, as im a new student arrival in Lyon? How easy is it to set up a wireless Internet accountant in a rented studio/apt? and does anyone know of a good internet service provider in Lyon as I have no idea where to start. Thanks

started by: Candycane · last update: 1314102695 · posted: 1314098639

Hi Is there a way that I can increase the distance from my Livebox, at which I can get the internet? Something that boosts the signal from my Livebox? My appartment isn't massive but i can only get a very weak signal in my bedroom. Any help appreciated.

started by: Doting Dad · last update: 1313842767 · posted: 1313663751

I recently bought and renovated an apartment in an old building in the Perrache area of Lyon. Every few days the bathroom has a sewage smell, emitting from the shower drain and/or toilet. I have tried pouring certain plumbing related products down the above, but the smell would come back after a couple of days. Any suggestions to the cause or remedy would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Hi weve tonnes of cardboard to get rid of left over from our house move. Whats the best way to get rid of this. Where are the dumps or can we get the council to get rid of it for us. Any help appreciated. Thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1311845940 · posted: 1311774760

Hi I know roughly that price per M2 in Lyon is about €3000 but does anyone know district specific as i need to know for a project in the 6th District near Tete D'or. Thanks

started by: Opal-597138 · last update: 1311073869 · posted: 1311073869

Hello there, If you have just relocated or are soon relocating to Lyon and your new place is unfurnished, you might be interested in some furniture. I am leaving Lyon for another town, Toulouse, and I don't want to sell or move my furniture now because I'm not sure if I'm going to stay there for more than a year. So, I'm offering my furniture on loan for a year at a very cheap price, plus a deposit that I'll give you back when I take my things back. It's not of great value, but nice and comfortable.For more details, photos and to find an agreement that suits both parties, please contact me by email. All the best.

started by: Maisylou · last update: 1310727365 · posted: 1310654290

Hi anyone seen shops selling helium kits for balloons in Lyon? Its my OH's birthday. Ive seen the disposable kits in the UK but never here! Thanks

started by: Tricky-597122 · last update: 1310039504 · posted: 1310039504

Hi anyone got any personal recommendations for a property search business in Lyon as we have friends really struggling for a T4 or T5 in Lyon. Thanks for any tip offs

started by: KentuckyGirl · last update: 1309776055 · posted: 1309774786

Question for a knowledgeable electricien or electronics engineer....will an American electrical item function here in France with a prise adapter when the item is designed for 110 volts & our system is 240v please??? If it needs a transformer what do i need to buy & where on Internet perhaps. Many thanks for looking.

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1309352467 · posted: 1309176205

Hi AllDoes anyone know if it is possible to hire a steam cleaner, I need to clean tiles, particularly the grout, throughout my appartment and there is only so much scrubbing on hands and knees that one can tolerate. Thanks as always

started by: Lyonherewecome · last update: 1308906957 · posted: 1308147880

Is it normal for a letting agent to charge 185€ before they even show you a property? This is what an agency im thinking of using are trying to charge.

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1308483890 · posted: 1308483890

Hi does anyone know where i can get hold of one of the inflatable chimney sausages from to stop drafts. Ive looked in a couple of bricos around Lyon with no luck. Thanks

started by: flathunt-597075 · last update: 1308059720 · posted: 1308053045

Hi were viewing lots of apartments on Thursday with an agency so im after advice as were a bit green never having done this before. Does anyone have any advice on what to look for, what to ask, and what not to sign etc. Thanks for any advice!

started by: Vinnie69 · last update: 1307789911 · posted: 1307789911

I am really wanting to build a fish pond in my garden. My wife however is convinced that it will be a big magnet for attracting mosquitos, does anyone have any experience /opinions about this ?

started by: harryx-596684 · last update: 1307612551 · posted: 1307612551

We've a small roof window which is double glazed but the seal has obviously gone so it is misty/dirty within the panes. The make/size identified from the plate on the side of the window is 'Toiciel Europa 610AG 577 AO8OOL'. I've looked on line but can't find this make of window although one site seemed to suggest it was a Bricodepot own brand? Does anyone know of this make and if so, is it possible to buy just the double glazed unit rather than having to replace the whole window?

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This afternoon, two giant wasps flew into the flat. They had the same yellow stripes as a wasp but were much, much, bigger. They looked as if they could pack quite a punch. Does anyone know what they could have been? Are they dangerous?

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Hi I am going to putting up a false ceiling in the kitchen of my apartment in Lyon and I would like to know if anyone has a plaster board lifting machine i could borrow or rent ( long shot ) ? or where to rent one from.Number two how do you stop the boards from sagging in the middle? Any info would be nice thanks

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Does anyone know where I can get an armchair recovered in material at a reasonable price in Lyon? So far, I've only found a place that quoted €500 for the labour alone and that + the cost of material would be more than the chair is worth! Suggestions gratefully received. Thanks

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