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Hi can anyone reccomend someone who operates this kind of service in Lyon? Must speak English. Thanks

started by: Dangermouse-596419 · last update: 1305807449 · posted: 1305741406

Can anyone recommend an effective fly spray that actually work for the flies in my appartment? Or is there anything else that works as a repelant / killer

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1305149922 · posted: 1305062880

Wondering if anyone can offer any useful advice. We have just ripped the carpet up in our apartment, under which is a lovely marble floor. The carpet came away pretty easily, seems to have only been glued down at the edges. Unfortunately, the foamy underlay stuff around the edges is pretty stuck. We've tried a steamer but that didn't work, and have tried scraping (but are worried about ruining the marble). Perhaps a solvent? Any ideas would be much appreciated!

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1304937843 · posted: 1304764676

Hi we have a very expensive English cordless phone (Not Mobile, Landline) that id love to use in France. Can you buy an adaptor to use it or simply replace the plug? Thanks for any info.

started by: Lyonherewecome · last update: 1304690273 · posted: 1304604017

Hi Is it possible to visit the Paruvendu offices and get new property details as we seem to be stuggling a bit. When we contact the agency's they already seem to be let! Any help appreciated!

started by: Jean Yves-597027 · last update: 1304682588 · posted: 1304682588

Great to see AI in Lyon! First post so here goes, We are looking for some waterlillies for our garden pond. Any ideas where we can go in the centre of Lyon? We don't have a car so heading out of town is problematic. Thanks for any recommendations.

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1304430284 · posted: 1304371328

Can anyone reccomend a person or company that make made to measure wooden louvere doors and shutters,or a good carpenter in Lyon,many thanks

started by: Valentine-596522 · last update: 1304095525 · posted: 1304095525

Hi EveryoneJust wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation for a cleaner in the Vieux Lyon area, looking for someone to do an occasional, thorough house clean. Thanks

started by: Alice-596408 · last update: 1304078463 · posted: 1304078463

Hello I have an expensive standing living room lamp which doesn't work anymore. I would like to try and have it repaired before having to take it to the dump. Is there anyone out there who could help or knows of a shop? Thanks

started by: Lyonnaise · last update: 1303832903 · posted: 1303555289

First bite of the year last night in our apartment. Does anyone know of somthing to place in the flat to deter these critters before we get bitten more? Thanks

started by: Bopara · last update: 1303730633 · posted: 1303385620

I have recently moved in to a flat in Lyon 3rd district, and I have a large quantity of IKEA generated cardboard etc I need to dump? Has anyone got an idea where/how I do this please? Thanks

started by: LyonTed · last update: 1303384931 · posted: 1303380209

We have some outside chairs that originate from Africa they all have woven string seats that have rotted. Is there anyone out there who knows someone who could re weave these chairs for us or what i need to ask for in suitable shops? Thanks

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1303379807 · posted: 1303205046

Hi, late last summer, i decided to repot my plants, so i went to a reputable home & garden store & bought a bag of potting soil. however, a month or so after i repotted, i noticed a few little gnats flying aroung my apartment--it was about a month later when i realized they were coming from my plants. i got a chemical to treat the soil & i thought they disappeared -- but then a month later, there were gross little wormy larva things in one plant, mouldy-looking stuff on another, a sort of fungus on another and some other unidentifiable tiny bugs in another! i know the problems originated from the potting soil, because when i reopened the sealed bag a few weeks ago to check my theory, a swarm of insects flew out at me! also, the plants i didn't repot haven't been affected...yet. does anyone know how to get rid of these pests for good? in addition to chemicals i purchased at the store (indoor and outdoor varieties), i've tried diluted dish soap & diluted vinegar, which friends recommended, but it didn't work. the plants still look fine - just a little tired from all the "treatments." any suggestions??

started by: Trudi-596397 · last update: 1302774449 · posted: 1302774449

Hi. I would like 3 headboards making for my apartment in central Lyon. Can anybody recommend someone to do this. Must speak English. Thanks in advance

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1302346905 · posted: 1302038586

As far as we have been able to make out there are two methods of buying bookcases in Lyon. Either spend hundreds - which we'd rather not do - or assemble yourself from IKEA which we are useless at doing. Does anyone know of anywhere which sells cheap or second hand bookcases (not antique)? We just want somewhere to store our books, not a fancy piece of furniture.Thanks

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1302117652 · posted: 1302117652

Hi I am looking for a professional wood polisher / french polisher. It is for some minor repairs on wooden flooring and cabinets, and some polishing of those pieces afterwards. It needs to be an artisan or professional person in the Lyon area. Thanks

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1302038813 · posted: 1302038813

Hi Im looking for tips on buying plants for our balcony. What sort of flowering plants do well without much sun and are quite hardy as i forget to water sometimes in Summer. Also wheres good to buy and is it a good time now to pot. Thanks (ps as you can tell im not green fingered!)

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My neighbour contacted me to say that there seems to be a leak from my flat above into her kitchen below - although I can't find a leak anywhere (went round to look and her ceiling was full of water patches). Do i have to contact my insurance first or should she contact hers and I wait until they contact me or my insurance? Thanks for any help!

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1301434386 · posted: 1301434386

Hi,I have a small grey smudge on a valuable painting. Does anybody know where I can go to get it cleaned in Lyon. I would hate to try myself and mess it up...any advice. I would be so greatful. Thanks

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Hi, When I was looking at apartments, we saw an apartment that had these silver window locks on the inside of the windows as a child safety tool. Does anyone know where these could be purchased? We are in Lyon in the 6th. Thanks

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