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Am becoming more and more snowed under with work and the house is suffering so am considering getting a cleaner. Does anyone have any idea how much the hourly rate is in Lyon. A friend in London pays £10.00 an hour.

started by: Bree-596817 · last update: 1300097281 · posted: 1299882899

Does anyone know where i can buy this from in Lyon please as my kids are mad on it. Thanks.

started by: foxyroxy-596411 · last update: 1300033649 · posted: 1300033649

Hi has anyone discovered any hidden gems of Secondhand shops like this in Lyon. Im looking for some new furniture for my apartment on a budget so shops like this would help. Thanks

started by: zoey-596535 · last update: 1299869959 · posted: 1299869959

Hi first spring summer in an apartment with a terrace so im looking for some tips on which plants to attempt to grow this spring and which grows well in pots in shadey positions with not much sun. If anyone has any tips to avoid me wasting my budget id appreciate this.

started by: Alice-596408 · last update: 1299682918 · posted: 1299679702

Hi Ive been told about a new Repro English furniture shop somewhere in Lyon thats opened, anyone have any more details? Thanks

started by: Genehunt · last update: 1299679565 · posted: 1299531637

Does anyone know of an English speaking sparky in Lyon for a full re wire? Thanks in advance

started by: Aubenas · last update: 1299403799 · posted: 1298027845

Hi, Does anyone know of a building materials reclamation yard in the SW Rhone Alps - looking for reclaimed oak floorboards and general oak/hardwood in various sizes. Thanks

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1299269761 · posted: 1299251774

Can anyone tell me if I can use 2 liveboxes to run 2 computers in different areas of the appartment rather than running a long ethernet cable? Thanks

started by: The Saint-596812 · last update: 1298987078 · posted: 1298923630

Anyone recommend any Trocs in the area or within a 1/2 hour drive. We need a lot of new furniture so we need price competitive places. Thanks

started by: Lyonherewecome · last update: 1298574726 · posted: 1298565137

Hi were basing our search on a min of 100m2 in appartments, Does anyone think this will be adequate living space for two adults and 2 children? Thanks for any input!

started by: Katie-596555 · last update: 1297871006 · posted: 1297871006

Does anyone know where you can buy kits for making roman blinds in Lyon? I have the material, but want all the bits that I need to make a long roman blind. Thanks for any suggestions

started by: lyonangel · last update: 1297623839 · posted: 1297370968

Hi, I have an orange live box.It currently provides an ADSL supply to: 1 x desk top PC via eternet cable 3 x laptop pc's via wifi 2 x desktop pc's via wifi 1 x internet radio internet telephone though the live boxThis is a residential connection in my largish appartment in Lyon and these are mostly being used throughout the whole dayAt times the internet seems slow.Is this a result of having too many things powered by it?Is there a limit to what a livebox can power?If I need to increase capacity, what are my options?do other providers have a better / stronger supply?I am not complaining, since at the moment although sometimes it seems slow, it still works fine - I was just wondering wnd thought that there would be a few techy experts out there who would know the answer. Thanks

started by: Eugene-596391 · last update: 1297345859 · posted: 1297159219

Hi all.We are looking for ATTRACTIVE light switches and sockets, rather than the plain, ugly, plastic things that you find in Brico Depot etcAny suggestions as to where we may be able to find some in the area for our appartment? Thanks

started by: Spud-596785 · last update: 1297341090 · posted: 1297339814

I have not had good experiences with French Paint so am looking for recommendations for some white matt Emulsion that covers well. It will be used on plasterboard and new plaster. I cannot bring any over from the Uk so am looking for recommendations from people who have used and have direct experience and can recommend a French brand that is good. Thanks

started by: Candycane · last update: 1297182997 · posted: 1297087511

We have 2 small panels of asbestos/cement insulation to dispose of. Can anyone tell me,please, where I can do this around Lyon area. I dont think the dechettes will allow it, will they?

started by: LyonTed · last update: 1297078152 · posted: 1296994102

Help please.I am moving my computer further from the phone, I have a 10 meter ASDL Broadband cable but need 15metres.I can't find more than 10 metre length in France.I ordered from England but it is thinner than my present one and dosn't work,( RJ11 US to RJ11 US ADSL Cable. 20 meters) are both countries the same? have I bought the right product?Does anyone know where I can get a 15metre length?Would it be viable to extend the present cable or would this affect my reception(pretty poor already) Thanks for any replies.

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Hi Does anyone know how much the percentage has risen for house prices in Lyon? Thanks

started by: Lyonherewecome · last update: 1296730269 · posted: 1296497785

Hi does anyone recommend an agency who can provide the service 'vendeurs des listes' when looking for a rental. Thanks

started by: Lyonherewecome · last update: 1296654642 · posted: 1296654642

Hi were looking for an appartment rental in Lyon and have had this area recommended which i believe is the 5th District. Has anyone any experiences in living in this area and is it a nice area to live etc, any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

started by: Katie-596555 · last update: 1296127082 · posted: 1295795719

Hi im looking for a company to transport my belongings out of Lyon to the UK. Thanks

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