started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1295971835 · posted: 1295882875

Hi does anyone do this here? If so who do you use and do orange offer this service? Thanks for any info

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1294254493 · posted: 1294254493

Hi and happy new year to all. I want to start the new year with a new kitchen in my appartment. Has anyone bought one off the shelf from Ikea and if so whats the quality like? The off the shelf one all look pretty good to me so i was wondering which of theses types are the best, ikea, conforama etc. Thanks for any help.

started by: Lyonherewecome · last update: 1292259371 · posted: 1292238127

Hi I know the voltage is almost the same in France as the uk but is it ok just to chop the uk plugs off and put french ones onto delicate electrical items such as computers etc. Also can uk light fitting work ok in France. Any help appreciated.

started by: Cupid-596727 · last update: 1292233385 · posted: 1291736244

With orange/france telecom; phone working perfectly, but has a weird dialtone for the last couple of days, who to call to sort same out?

started by: foxyroxy-596411 · last update: 1291763288 · posted: 1291756805

Are there any techies out there who can help a damsel in distress? ASDL filters are they essential? Ours keep going wrong and we have to replace them all the time are they vital? Thanks for any help!!!

started by: Deanjones-596528 · last update: 1291637559 · posted: 1291637559

Hi I have been told that i should install a piece of equipment to reduce the pressure of the cold water supply to the house, does any one know the proper description in French of this device, the likely cost and are they available in general Brico stores.

started by: cockney-596689 · last update: 1291458930 · posted: 1291226647

Hi im looking for some christmas crackers for an early traditional English christmas party. Does anyone know where i can buy them from in Lyon? Thanks

started by: Alice-596408 · last update: 1291113841 · posted: 1291032932

Hi is there a way apart from satallite (as our appartment terrace is not south facing) to watch UK tv? Ive heard that some can watch through the computer similar to orange through the livebox. Id love to get this for xmas as i miss this. Thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1291024097 · posted: 1291024097

Has anyone any recommendations for a 'high end' kitchen supplier who also offers a fitting service as ive just been let down with mine at the last moment. Thanks

started by: Cupid-596727 · last update: 1290505632 · posted: 1290342855

We have some new hardwood worktops and have been told to apply danish oil once a week for the first few months to protect them. However, I cannot find danish oil in the shops and wondered whether it has a different name over here or if there is an equivalent oil that is used? Obviously, this is for surfaces that will have food on them so I guess the type of oil is important. Does anyone know where I can get some?

started by: Lyonnaise · last update: 1289932858 · posted: 1289932858

Hi everyone,I need the main, pretty substantial lock of my apartment in Lyon changed, would anyone have an idea of how much I should pay and/or recommend a locksmith? Thanks

started by: wizardofoz-596678 · last update: 1289580499 · posted: 1289558501

Hi, Roughly does anyone know the price per metre2 you should look at when looking at apartment prices in the centre to buy? We are looking to buy but we need to rent somewhere asap so can anyone recommend a rental agency also. Cheers

started by: lyonangel · last update: 1289571393 · posted: 1289421864

Good evening, can anyone advise me as to the whereabouts of a tip or dechetterie that will take some asbestos blocks. Do all tips take it or do i need a specialist one? Thanks for any info as my pigeon french isnt upto asking this question.

started by: Kendo123 · last update: 1289412169 · posted: 1289309892

Hi looking for any recommendations for an English speaking web designer in Lyon to give our site a bit of an overhaul. Thanks

started by: Neo-596533 · last update: 1289315230 · posted: 1289315230

Hi, be grateful for views and info on telephone and internet (Wifi) deals for house in Lyon. Im a highish phone user but looking for good deal on internet, line rental etc.Thanks in advance for any advice

started by: Bellecour · last update: 1288795882 · posted: 1288691849

Hi Ive been living in an apartment in Lyon since June, and for several months I have had a bad cough and congestion, including bronchitis. When we first moved in, there was mold on the walls, which we cleaned, but I'm wondering if it could be the mold that is making me sick. Does anyone know if there is someone you can call or some way that you can get the air tested in your apartment? Thanks for any information

started by: Gino-596422 · last update: 1288641968 · posted: 1288641968

I am decorating for the first time in Lyon and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for cheap white emulsion. I bought 5 litres of Baufix for 13 euros from lidls (excellent) but not available the next time then 2.5 litres of "go on" from the Bricomarche which cost under 3 euros and was as bad as the price suggests. Brand names seem horrifically expensive, but if they are the only solution I'd be grateful for anyone's best buy tips.

started by: Dangermouse-596419 · last update: 1288354766 · posted: 1288354766

Hi can anyone recommend a property management company (English spoken) that look after appartments with regards to cleaning, maintenance etc. Thanks

started by: Maxine-596392 · last update: 1288297113 · posted: 1288297113

Hello, Im looking for a shop that sells quite contemporary modern design blinds who can fit them as well. Id prefer if they spoke some English if at all possible. Thanks

started by: Kerryk-596499 · last update: 1288014907 · posted: 1288013736

Are anymore planned any time soon as ive heard this Saturday is earmarked? Any info appreciated!!!

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