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Hello it has been a while since l visited Lyon 2013, i hope very much to offer Logistics consultancy support to any organised firm, institute or business environment on arrangement, please contact me on e-mail polcarp_2006villy@yahoo.co.uk 

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Hi Everyone, I wondered if you all might be interested in my Gardening Blog where I try to post everyday about Gardening, tips, hints, Guest Blog Reviews, competitions, talk about our chickies, and our Gite, I have quite an active following and encourage them to post their piccies and talk about their gardens, I would love it if any of you would like to do the same, come on over and see what you think you will be made most welcome, just go to http://www.lamaisondesfleurs.com and also on my FB page at http://on.fb.me/gOol1G. If you look today I have an Easter competition going on which finishes tonight at midnight, for 10 packets of free seeds courtesy of Thompson & Morgan the famous seeds & plants company, why don't you take a look. Hope to see you there. Thanks Jilly

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Below is a copy of an email I received last week from Roger Gale M.P., and he has given me permission to post it on this site. If you have not been in touch with him before he needs all your details include the name of your M.P. and N.I.#., address and phone #. Write to him c/o The House of Commons, or email GALERJ@parliament.co.uk The relevant legal 'reference' presented by Upper Tribunal judge John Mesher to the ECJ can be downloaded from:- http://www.osscsc.gov.uk/Aspx/view.aspx?id=2806 Exportable Benefits Once again, my apologies to those with no further interest in the exportable benefits/DLA/Attendance Allowance/Carer`s Allowance issue: please ignore this communication. In order to bring my records up to date and to allow me to separate out those with a specific and continuing interest (which will enable me to avoid cluttering up other peoples' mailboxes with irrelevant communications) I would be grateful if all of those who are still seeking to claim Current benefits 2. The backdating of benefits or 3. who still have appeals to Tribunal pending or awaiting hearing dates if you would be good enough to let me know. While many have informed me that benefits have been reinstated and paid or that, sadly, claimants are no longer with us, I believe that there are other cases where the status is unclear (particularly where the relevant member of parliament has quite correctly taken over the management of the case). It would help a great deal to get some sense of the scale of the remaining problem before the Welfare Bill completes its stages through parliament as the latter may have an impact upon benefits. Many thanks Roger Thanks for your help. If you have a legitimate claim it is imperative that you get in touch with him AND your own M.P. A Dios, Bolivar.

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I have followed the arrival of WAIFS2010 with inerest as a brave woman stated to try and help freely women and men alone in France. She has struggled to give information on the WAIFS 2010 site and has been featured in the press. At the weekend I was looking at the first French article and suggest you all look at the terrible racist remarks from French people who obviously hate having English people here and suggest maybe you pass on the information to anyone else thinking of moving here in the future. I am frankly shocked having ever had any rcist comments from our French hosts. They seem to have forgotten the good we have doen to update their old neglected houses and to add to empoyment in many businessses and now times are hard hav once agian shown their true colours. Don't tell me about equality egality and fraternity.I for one wish Maria- Louise well for 2011 and hope she does well and gets a happy new year. She clearly is one brave lady......Here is the link towards the article on Rue89 : http://www.rue89.com/2010/12/19/la-galere-des-anglaises-qui-revaient-de-la-belle-vie-en-france-181389 for everyone who is interested.

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Most stray cat associations and refuges in France are fully occupied helping to alleviate feline suffering. I wonder if you could help us, here in Poitou Charente, by supporting our petition asking for approval by Local Government of Trap-Neuter-Release as the only means of humanely reducing stray cat numbers. If just one Department in France, out of 95, adopts TNR, then a door will be open to the rest of France. Our petition is entitled 'HELP FRANCE BECOME A CAT-FRIENDLY COUNTRY' which we will present to Madame President of the Conseil General of Charente Maritime - Department 17 - France. You can click on the link to our website - http://www.la-protection-des-chats.com - and sign the petition there or you can go direct to the petition by clicking on - http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/help-make-France-a-cat-friendly-country. You will doing a great service for stray cats in France - thank you.

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