Do you want to walk dogs and cuddle cats at your local refuge?

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If so, then find out more about it by reading this article: Or join the LAARF volunteer network (Les Amis des Animaux en Refuges de France) on: Facebook: LAARF SPA Volunteer NetworkWebsite: laarf.comEmail:

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As a group, we have found that the Lyon refuges don't need any more volunteers, but we have recently found this little refuge in Gerbey 38121 who welcome volunteers.

If anyone is interested in finding out more or volunteering there, please do so. We often get enquiries from people in your area who would like to help, so it would be great if we could find a refuge who would welcome help.

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How far away is Gerbey? I love animals and I am moving to Lyon for a year soon and if I have free time (I am going to be a student) I would love to get involved in animal volunteering. However I don't drive so travel may prevent that if there are no rescue centres nearby. I'm not sure where I will be living in Lyon yet though it will hopefully be around the 3rd arrondissement.

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I think it's 30 or 40 mins outside Lyon, but there are a lot of people who would like to help if we could find somewhere that accepts volunteers, so as a group you might be able to organise car pooling. Good luck with your move!

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