dogs allowed in Lyon rental apartments?

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Hi there, I'm a Canadian who'll soon be moving to Lyon with my husband and dog to start a job at an international agency. Do rental apartments generally allow dogs? I can't find much information on this, and the person I asked at my future workplace could only tell me what the French phrase would be in rental ads prohibiting dogs. Thanks in advance! cheers, Teresa  

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Tricky-597122 1388596079

Will depend on each individual private Landlord I guess who can apply anything like this into the rental agreement. We keep a dog in our appartment, never heard of it been a problem to be honest. Good luck with the move!

tyhlee 1388596275

Thanks so much for your reply! I'm relieved to hear that dogs are generally not a big issue in terms of finding a rental apartment.

Happy new year and thanks again.

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As long as your dog does not create a problem with noise and so on, you cannot be stopped from having a dog in an apartment.

You don't have to mention to your prospective landlord that you have an animal.

Best regards,


tyhlee 1389077062

Thanks for sharing this information, Dominique. I really appreciate it.

dominique-596434 1389091021

You're welcome

This excludes dogs from "first category', eg,  or what the French legisltion call "attack dogs" : 

  • Staffordshire terrier ou American Staffordshire terrier (chiens dits "pit-bulls"),

  • Mastiff (chiens dits "boerbulls"),

  • Tosa.

I hope you enjoy living Lyon.

Best regards,


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Dear Teresa,

I can confirm what's already been said and expand on it a little. Another Canadian couple just left what you could call a luxury apt-they had a large dog and cat with no problems. The only problem was when they were away-then I was the dog/cat sitter and dog walker: sometimes with them at my place, again no problem.

Their location helped-next to the Fourviere gdns-so if you can be near it or a similar open space life is really easy.

Any pet Qs just ask.

Enjoy Lyon-it's a great place to be.


tyhlee 1390279833

Hi Keith,

Thanks very much for your informative and kind reply!

On the topic of pets, do you know of any good vets who speak at least some English?



keith-941832 1390304932

Salut Teresa,

Certainly do-the vet 'my' Canadians used....

but I'm not permitted to post their details on the discussion site. I've sent the details dct to the email address you use here.




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