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Please read this: http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/118631/0/left-over-cat-contraceptive-pills/ If you read through, you'll see that I started the ball rolling for donations.  If this is something you'd like to help with, pm me and I'll forward 'weebs' name and address.  Even 2 euros will help. I know there are loads of charities out there who need help too, a couple of which I already donate to, but there's no way weebs' friends will be able to get this situation under control on their own and once all the cats are sterilised it's done and dusted so no more ongoing donations will be necessary. Please, no negative comments.  If this is something that you disagree with, please don't clog up the thread by posting to say so.

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We are interested in adopting a puppy. Can anyone recommend a shelter with puppies in the Lyon area? Has anyone done this before? Thanks for any help!

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Can anyone recommend a rabbit boarding facility near to Lyon at all? Many thanks! :-)

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Hello, we are looking for a ginger kitten, can anyone help? Where is a good place to look in Lyon (sites, associations, etc). Thanks

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Hi is there anything similar to the PDSA here in Lyon? Or any scheme for pet owners on low incomes? Many thanks

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Hello, I recently adopted a pigeon, and was wondering if there were any pigeon-friendly animal boarders in the Lyon area. I am looking to board my pigeon for about a week while I go on vacation during the summer. Thanks! Kelly

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Hello, I have a small female papillon, she is very playful and friendly, and it is such a pity but I dont know anybody in Lyon who have dogs, and I think she misses company of another 4 legged mate. She is a small dog, I guess for her it would not be safe to play with another dog more than 4-5 kg.We will be travelling during New Year and I am already starting looking for someone to keep her for 4 days and I d prefer a company of another dog. On my side I d be very happy to receive this dog in our house (with big closed garden) - I dont work and most of the time at home.As I already mentioned, she is very friendly, gets on great with other dogs, people and children.Also, will be happy to hear from those who just want to get together to walk the dogs, or any already formed dogwalking group.Please e-mail directly to mgivy@yahoo.co.uk

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Hi can anyone recommend Dog kennels within a 30 min drive of Lyon with heated boxes as my lil friend lives inside and is not used to the cold. We need them for a week next month while we ski. Thanks

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Hi anyone know of any Alpaca breeders in the Rhone Alpes area? Thanks

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Hi anyone recommend dog kennels or someone to look after our dog from the 5th Jan until the 9th in Lyon as we have to visit the UK unexpectedly. Thanks

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Hi, Im looking for some recommendations for Boarding Kennels in the Lyon area for our pampered pooch for the Christmas period as weve just booked a ski holiday. Thanks

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Hi weve just aquired a new kitten so we are looking for a pet supply store in or around Lyon similar to the pets at home stores in the Uk. We don't have a car so on a bus route will be great! Thanks

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Anyone know why the Elephant enclosure in the Tete dor zoo is shut off? Im getting asked a lot by my kids :-(

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Hi anyone know of any dog walking companies in Lyon either English speaking or French. We are in the Perrache. Thanks

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I'm writing an article at the moment on what prompts horsey folk to move to France and am keen to hear why you chose to move to France in particular, or why you are dreaming about moving to France. I suspect people with horses might have a different take on things than those that buy a more traditional home over here.

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Don't know if everyone is aware of the changes from 2012 which should make it lots easier to take pets to the UK, http://www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel/

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Hi we have a 9 month old female cat who has just started to wee on our furniture this week for no apparant reason. We have a couple of litter trays down and she does have access to a courtyard. Is there anything we can spray perhaps to deter her? Thanks for any help!

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Hi Angloinfoers, can someone please recommend a vet that speaks English in the Lyon area or surroundings? Many thanks

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Hi has anyone ever seen a pet sitting agency around Lyon? Id need someone to live in my apartment in central Lyon for the month of August to care for my Dog and cats. Thanks

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Hi does anyone know of a reasonabley priced grooming parlour for dogs in or on the outskirts of Lyon? If they speak a little English that will be super! I need to get my small terrier clipped for the Summer as she looks a little shaggy at the mo.

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