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I know its a long shot but does anyone know of any puppy training classes in or within 30 mins drive of the city for our naughty new puppy to attend. Id prefer in English but may not have to be choosey!

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Hi does anyone know of good English speaking vets in the Lyon area to register our pampered pooches. Grateful for any help!

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My dogs have been tattoed here in UK, how can I register their tattoo and microchip number in France so if they go missing on holiday I can trace them , can my French vet help with this ?Thanks A note on tattooing:It takes seconds and hurts only briefly, like an injection or having your ears pierced. Its not like human tattoing.Its a very visible deterrent to thieves, tattoed dogs, in UK at least, if stolen tend to be dumped quickly and are highly likely to get home safely.Microchips are great , but not everyone bothers to scan.. or is skilled at scanning, or has a scanner that works with your chip type....

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Hi were planning to take our two labs back to the Uk. As weve never done it before i wondered if anyone can tell me what is the proceedure with regards to paperwork etc. Thanks

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Hi were thinking of adopting a dog from the SPA kennels and just wanted to know what if any peoples experiences have been with doing this and weather they would do it again as you hear some horror stories.

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The town of Toulouse in Haute-Garonne (32), and the Alpes-Maritime department (06) both support the neutering of their stray cats as a means to reduce their number. I would like to know how many communes, towns, cities or departments in Poitou-Charente support their local stray cat associations/refuges. If you know that the mayor of your commune, for example, is supportive then please please let me know. Similarly which towns, cities and departments. Thanks. 'La Protection des Chats' Association W174001125 Charente Maritime - Poitou Charentes.

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As im looking after my friends dog next week im wondering if they are allowed on public transport ie the trams. Also are dogs allowed in the Park Tete d'Or. Thanks for any help.

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Hi im looking for rspca type kennels for two neglected dogs that ive found on the outskirts of the city. They are just out of the puppy stage and have been abandoned. They have been roaming around the district for about a week. Any help appreciated as im not in a position to care for them full time!

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Where is the best place to purchase dog chews (rawhide pigs ears, etc) & toys, balls & shampoo for dogs. Is there a one stop shop thats got the lot??

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Hi, looking for a new dog groomers for my very hairy spaniel. The one i usually use has closed down. Thanks

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Hi can anyone reccomend a company or contact for insurance for a horse and two dogs Thanks

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