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Hi there,My name is Skye and I'm an Australian student who will be moving to Lyon in September to study French. I'm an avid climber but do not yet know anyone in the city so if any of you climb and would be keen to go indoors or out sometime then please be in touch!

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My daughter needs to carry on with lessons so were on the hunt for any stables with some English spoken if poss out of Lyon within a drive! Thanks once more for any help!

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Hi to all, Loving Lyon which seems to offer most things except tennis! Does anyone know where I can find any public courts? I enquired at the big private club but the price of membership was huge! thanks for any tip offs!

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Hello! I'm moving to Lyon in a month, and I would like to know of what gyms there are which have the usual cardio equipment and their prices. I'm finding it a little difficult to find them online. I'm looking to move to arrondissement 4, 1 or 6. Also, are there gyms which provide classes in English? I'm learning French so I hope that I can eventually join a normal class, but at this point I'm not sure I'm confident in my ability to both translate instructions and do them without a 5 min delay! Thanks for any help you can give! Wai Yin

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Hello  Can anyone recommend any campsites close to the ardeche river for Easter holidays,  thanks in advance

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Hello sport enthusiasts out there in Lyon! I'm looking to find friends to participate in at least one of the sports listed above because being outside or playing sports are the best way to destress after a long day of whatever that we do! I'm friendly and outgoing and I don't bite, promise!!! Drop me mesg and let's go! Note: I'm an intermediate player in tennis currently ranked 15/4 and often play competitively I've been playing squash & badminton on and off for many years. I still like to keep playing I love rollerblading and it'd be cool find peeps to go do the Friday night rollerblading escapade in Lyon! I did it once in Paris and loved it! I also like to start up a book club if anyone is into that kind of nerdy stuff--hehe ;) Joyous :)

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Hi all, This may very well have been answered before, but I can't find a reference to it. Does anyone know of a gym, a typical gym with running machines, cross trainers, weight machines, weights, and maybe even a pool that DOES NOT require a monthly membership or a joining fee?  I just want to pay as I go, which I am not having a lot of luck with! Preferably near the 6th, but not vital! Thank you David

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Hello Yogis, Would anyone happen to know of a Bikram / Hot Yoga studio in Lyon?  I understand one's on the way, but have no news through the grapevine or otherwise, yet. Thx! Viki

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of any English choir groups in Lyon. It has been awhile since I have sung in a choir, but I'm looking to get involved and meet some new people. I don't really enjoy singing in French as much, which is why I'm looking for an English choir. I haven't had any luck finding anything besides Gospel choirs. Thanks for your help! Allison

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Can anyone advise on spin classes or spin studios in Lyon that teach bilingual classes.  Thank you in advance.  I was at Wellness Gym but classes taught in French and too hard to book/always full.  

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Hi, I'm an experienced shot and was wondering if there are any shotgun clubs around / outside Lyon?

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I have heard there is a ski bus that leaves from Lyon that goes to some ski areas.  Does anyone know more information ?  Where it picks up, where it goes, dates, cost, time etc?  My husband is here in school and while he is in school, I hope to do as much skiing as possible this winter exploring the alps, but I do not have a car so it is public transportation.  

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Hi everyone, Does Lyon have a Hash House Harriers? i am asking because most countries i worked in have this club as it english based and made up of expats and some locals.   Looking forward to some answers

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Is anyone interested in meeting up for casual runs in the morning (ca 7:30 AM) and/or weekends? I know there is a meetup organized for this here: http://www.meetup.com/Lyon-AngloINFO-English-Speakers-Meetup/ but I don't yet have access to that group and thought I would reach out here.   

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Hello!The 2014-2015 season is just starting up with the ALFA Lions, Lyon's first ever Australian Rules Football club. For those that are new to the sport of "footy" here are some basics...- a little bit of rugby- a little bit of basketball- a little bit of soccer- quite similar to Irish Gaelic football- not many rules- great fun and a good way to meet new people in Lyon! If you are interested in joining us for a bit of fun, fitness and competition, you can check out details about training/social events on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/footylyon  We generally train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Parc de Parilly.EVERYBODY WELCOME! No experience required. Boys and girls get on board, the more the merrier! Anna 

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Hello, we are brand new to Lyon and this website.  We come from the east coast in the USA and are big fans and players of lacrosse.  I play in a mens league and coach and my children all play.  I see that France had a team in the World Championships.  Does anyone know if there are any teams that play in Lyon at any level?  Thanks for any info.

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Hi, I'm looking for a cheap weights gym in Lyon which does not require a yearly contract. It doesn't need to be anything fancy at all. Anyone know one?

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Hi someone was telling me the other day about a Cricket club playing out of Lyon? Has anyone heard of this as Id love to find out more, thanks!

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Hello Everyone, Does anyone know if, and where, any groups are gathering to watch the U.S. v. Belgium match tonight? Thanks, Michelle

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Hi, I'm on the lookout for an amateur choir of quite a good level to sing with. I'm not looking specifically for an anglophone choir, or a choir of any particular genre - just looking for a good sing !  Does anyone know of any good choirs out there ? or a good place to look ? Thank you !

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