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Hello Yogis, Would anyone happen to know of a Bikram / Hot Yoga studio in Lyon?  I understand one's on the way, but have no news through the grapevine or otherwise, yet. Thx! Viki


kristin_ds 1379935005

I would also love to know any info on when a hot yoga studio would be opening here, can't wait!!

Sarsonadriana 1380393284

Me too! Would love to start my practice again.

EMONA 1382362796

Don't know of any Bikram unfortunatly but there is an awesome Vinyasa studio in the 6th that is owned by two Anglophones so they can teach in both French and English - O Yoga studio

summara 1425130853

Hi there, you can find and book various Bikram Yoga classes all over london on Yoga-in-london-uk

EmmaP-L 1439155882

I too am looking for a decent yoga studio.

I had an unfortunate encounter with a man on the west side this week, who insisted on a telephone interview before I even attend a class. 

I've found several yoga places scattered around, but it seems incredibly authoritarian with only being allowed to attend a limited number of classes and the fees are astromomical given all the teachers seem to have trained in the same place in Lyon.

EmmaP-L 1439155922

Bit far to commute though :P

Invisible Lyon 1443912500

So has anyone tracked down a bikram yoga studio in Lyon?

If you know of one, please drop me a line: invisiblelyon "at" gmail "dot" com.


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