English Choir?

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of any English choir groups in Lyon. It has been awhile since I have sung in a choir, but I'm looking to get involved and meet some new people. I don't really enjoy singing in French as much, which is why I'm looking for an English choir. I haven't had any luck finding anything besides Gospel choirs. Thanks for your help! Allison


stephenmt 1353326108

I have been looking for the same thing, but with no luck. I am a American choral conductor now living in Lyon because my spouse was transferred for work. I would definitely want to be able to find some outlet or barring that actually creating one if there is enough interest. Please keep me posted because I'm certainly interested!

Willyon 1353327550

Have you both got in touch with the English speaking churches in Lyon? Could be a great starting point!




dominique-596434 1353687311


A bit of a coincidence as only yesterday, somebody told me that the MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture) in Monplaisir have a choir who sing in English.

This is their web page :   http://www.mjcmonplaisir.net/modules/pages/index.php?pagenum=109

You need a good level of English .....

Obviously it depends where you live in Lyon.

Best regards,




Shanders 1361642955

I too have been looking for a singing outlet, I have a musical theatre singing background and I found a choir but they had a fully classical repitoire which I do not mind from time to time but I would be looking for more of a light music style?

BelJo 1366812449

Hello everyone,

I am very keen to join an English-speaking choir - I have joined a couple of French speaking ones since arriving here, but receiving instructions in French is very difficult as I only have basic French (only for the time being, I hope!)

Stephenmt, I think you've made a very generous offer in suggesting to start one up. I would certainly be keen to help you with that, if you would still be interested in doing so - ?

Best wishes,


allison.lamotte 1369670442

Sorry I never got any notification that anyone replied to my thread, so I am only just seeing your messages now. 

I haven't sang in a group for quite some time, but I think it would be a lot of fun.

LIke Shanders, my main issue with the English choirs that exist in Lyon is that they mostly sing classical  or religious music, whereas I would prefer a more upbeat repertoire.

I am with Stephanmt and BelJo - Let's get together and see what we can do? What do you say?


Kirikou 1370782658

I'd be quite interested to join an English speaking choir too. I used to sing in one in London and we sang all sorts of songs (fom pop to jazz) but not religious ones.  All the choirs I've seen on the net so far are very classical or religious and although I have nothing against that, I find singing more "modern" songs more enjoyable and fun (As this is what singing in a choir is about to me).

If anyone knows of one? Or the idea of setting one up is good too. I'm outside of Lyon but I'd love to follow thit thread and see if this happens and where :-)

Sobooth 1400774965

Hello !

I can see these messages stopped last year, but I'm wondering if anything came of this or whether anyone found a good amateur choir in Lyon ?

I have been in Lyon for a few months now and I too am desperate for a good sing ! I'm not looking specifically for an English choir or a French choir - nor any specific genre, really. 

Thank you ! 


stephenmt 1400777927

We have moved back to the US so I certainly wish everyone the best in finding outlets for their singing needs. Best wishes --

Shanders 1400791702

I would definitely be interested in getting together and sing even just for fun for a while!  


At least if we meet together then we have the option of choosing what we sing!



Tina-vocal 1422963827


I'm moving to Lyon in July, and would like to start a new choir/vocal group. 

I am wondering how many would be interested in joining a choir on a weekly basis? 

Best regards 


Kirikou 1422974221


it all depends on what you would like to sing and where :-)

what type of singing would you be into?

Tina-vocal 1422977758

Yes, sure! 

It it would be contemporary music, in line with 'vocal line', 'real group' etc.

Chris-460212 1422989815

Hi Tina

The best place to look for interested English speakers for a singing group would be our Angloinfo Lyon Meetup group. Its a community based group for just such events, why not make yourself a member Tina for when you arrive in Lyon and maybe organise the first event using this platform?



Tina-vocal 1423045408

Thanks Chris, that's perfect! 

Kirikou 1426184818

I'll be watching this space the for when you arrive in July Tina! ;-)

allison.lamotte 1437045264

Have you arrived in Lyon yet? Do you still want to start an English choir?

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