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Hi everyone, Does Lyon have a Hash House Harriers? i am asking because most countries i worked in have this club as it english based and made up of expats and some locals.   Looking forward to some answers


Lyonherewecome 1378718201

Hi, Pretty sure there isn't one of these clubs in Lyon, However the Lyon AngloINFO Meetup group have started a running group made up of English speakers, seem to meet up most weeks

elodiehowat 1413555034

I am also looking for the hash house harriers in Lyon but I don't think there is one. I am too chicken to start it myself !

Chris-596383 1413566263

We do have indeed an early morning Running group on our Meetup group, If anyone would be interested in starting an after work or weekend group then please contact me here or through the meet up group!

If anyone has any other ideas for events or wish to become more involved with the group then please contact me also! The group is here for the community!



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