Tango Argentino in and around Lyon?

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Hello everybody,are there any tango dancers out there? New in the area I would love to learn more about local milongas, where to go for classes (no matter if milonguero or nuevo) etc etc.Looking forward to hearing from you! :o)

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Maxine-596392 1299609352

Hi have a look in the whats on guide here where you will find a few that lookk good,


There is also a great salsa festival in the summer in Lyon

KentuckyGirl 1299678560

Have you tried zumba? Its aerobics with a latin style salsa twist. Great fun!!

wintershine38 1299680566

Thanks for replying, but I asked for Tango Argentino (and nothing else), as I'm a complete tango addict - no need to suggest salsa or latin aerobics ;o)

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