tennis, squash, badminton, hiking, rollerblading, jogging or book club anyone?

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Hello sport enthusiasts out there in Lyon! I'm looking to find friends to participate in at least one of the sports listed above because being outside or playing sports are the best way to destress after a long day of whatever that we do! I'm friendly and outgoing and I don't bite, promise!!! Drop me mesg and let's go! Note: I'm an intermediate player in tennis currently ranked 15/4 and often play competitively I've been playing squash & badminton on and off for many years. I still like to keep playing I love rollerblading and it'd be cool find peeps to go do the Friday night rollerblading escapade in Lyon! I did it once in Paris and loved it! I also like to start up a book club if anyone is into that kind of nerdy stuff--hehe ;) Joyous :)


redfloatboat 1375128278

Hi there, my husband and I are moving to the greater Lyon area in September (I will be working in Dardilly). I would love a rollerblading buddy. I'm not as fit as I'd like to be, and am trying to lose weight so this would be ideal. Might be interested in a book club to. And if you do crafts, I make jewelry too.

Let's be in touch when I get there! 

- Jamie

TennisJoy 1375130596

Hey Jamie;

Yes, let's keep in touch.  I actually was just playing a tennis tournament in Dardily. Yes,  I'd enjoy having a rollerblading buddy. You must be from North America! And, yes to a book club and making crafts..though I've never made any!


Joy :)

redfloatboat 1375205380

Hi Joy,

I am American, but have been living in England for the past 12 years.  I currently work for an American-owned company, with a base in Lyon, and have just got a new position there which is why we're moving.  We are really looking forward to the move - just need an apartment!

Speak soon,


Tony69 1375711433


I've sent you a private message, but I'm not sure you have recived it. I'm not sure where I should expect the answer either, actually ? My e-mail box or somewhere on the site ?

Anyway, I would be more interested in playing squash (or badminton). I'm a very average squash player, I haven't played for more than a year. Regarding badminton, I play in a club all year long, so I play better :-)


TennisJoy 1375712672

Hey Tony;

I sent you a private mesg yesterday or two days ago...I was saying that I'm having knee problems (e.g. pain in both knees because of tennis and running) so I'm just trying to give them a rest but in the mean time, I'm up for doing hikes or nature walks etc..if that's interesting to you...



Tony69 1375721909

Ok, so now I need to figure out where to read my private messages... :-)

Annielou-904403 1375777227

Hi Everyone,

I'm from the UK and moved to Lyon about 4 months ago. I have played squash a couple of times at Badsclub (metro stop Jean Mace) which is quite nice, they have badminton and squash courts. I'm not particularly good but I do enjoy squash - maybe those interested in playing could swap e-mails?

I would also definately be interested in a book club (provided it involves tea/coffee/wine as well as books!)

And to the lady who makes jewellery I'd love to meet up when you arrive in Lyon as I used to make jewellery too but have had to put it on the back burner for the past couple of years!

my e-mail is:

Look forward to meeting any/all of you!


Chris-596383 1375786992

Hi Tony

Your Private Messages are sent directly to your email address you provided when you registered with us.

Hope this helps




Tony69 1375804684

HI Chris,

Thank you for your answer, but it doesn't work for me :-(

I do receive the newsletter, notice when there is an answer to posts I have replied to and even a copy of the message I have sent.

I don't know if I did something wrong somewhere...

Chris-596383 1375807854

Hi Tony, Ill take a look at it for you, in the meantime can you PM me your correct email please in order for me to fix it? Thanks

redfloatboat 1375818643

Hi Annie,

I've just requested a connection with you.  Although I say I 'make jewellery', I don't do it that often lol, but would really like to get back into it once we get settled.  Where in the UK are you from and where in Lyon do you live?  I live in the West Midlands, 10 miles outside Birmingham.  We're hoping to move to the Beaujolais area outside the city.  Hmm, perhaps I can be the 'wine' supplier! ;)

Looking forward to connecting with you (and the others) soon!


Poko70 1444080344

Ooh, actually...

I would definitely be up for a bit of regular tennis or badminton!  - My badminton is a bit better than my tennis, but neither is spectacular! :)

I can do pretty much any evening (apart from Mondays, when I go salsa dancing!)

Please get in touch if you fancy meeting up to play a game or two. If you know of a venue, so much the better!!! 

I live in the 6th



TennisJoy 1444101382

Hi David,

I'm sorry but I have moved back to Canada almost a year ago now. I'll take down the posting. Hope you're able to find other tennis/badminton enthusiasts while you're there, lovely city!


All the best,


Tony69 1444121122

Hi Poko,

There is a website to help you find partners for racket sports :

Not sure if you'll be able to find English speaking people, but you can still try, and if not, you'll have to speak French :-)



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