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Hi Looking for where to get the subscription for the Velo's not just the day pass, anyone know in Angloinfo world? Thanks

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markms 1311601144


You can do one of two things. The first is to have a Velo've card or add the option to one's TCL card (the Lyon transport card). In fact it is all explained here

The best (or worse depends on how you see it) thing is that you can set your language to English rather than French, though sadly the registration form (which you fill in online and print off to send in) is only in french.

I hope that helps.

Cupid-596727 1311604749

Im just in the process of getting the card. I was wondering with the first half hour free is this per trip or per day? Can you use it for 30 mins then change bike and use free for another 30 mins? Thanks

markms 1311610340

It is per trip. I would often cycle to and from work which is about 25 mins each way with out it charging me. But I would advise adding it to a TCL card if you have one because you get the first hour free (which is a very long way to cycle) and you have only one card in one's wallet rather than two.

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