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Hi, I'm on the lookout for an amateur choir of quite a good level to sing with. I'm not looking specifically for an anglophone choir, or a choir of any particular genre - just looking for a good sing !  Does anyone know of any good choirs out there ? or a good place to look ? Thank you !

started by: anna_lyon · last update: 1400753327 · posted: 1400611988

Hi all,  I am looking for a lacrosse team for kids (8 years old girl and 14 years old boy) in Lyon. Any suggestion is appreciated. The kids are americans and they have been doing it for years. Thanks in advance, Anna

started by: trouser65 · last update: 1398683610 · posted: 1398633079

i am looking to maybe do Krav Maga or Jiu Jitsu but my french is very basic. Can anyone recommend somewhere near Villerbaune or the 6'eme that speak some english. Thanks.  

started by: Kyle-597292 · last update: 1396531482 · posted: 1396531482

Hi anyone recommend any hiking trails around Lyon? Pref on public transport routes, thanks for any tip offs!

started by: Janey lee · last update: 1394083314 · posted: 1343654290

Hi are there any public tennis courts in Lyon? We live in the 6th so id thought maybe Tete d'Or but no. Anyone know of any municipal courts? Thanks

started by: nuutti · last update: 1391419920 · posted: 1377780027

Hello! I am looking for a gym in Lyon. Near the area 1 would be best but if there good gyms a bit further, I would like to hear from them also. I would especially want to do weight training with free weights (dumbbells, barbells) and with equipment such as bench press etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  

started by: united123 · last update: 1391099776 · posted: 1390999512

Hi Does anyone know of a pub/bar near or in La Croix Rousse area that will show the Man Utd v Arsenal game in a couple of weeks?   Thanks

started by: united123 · last update: 1388941310 · posted: 1388941310

Hi Anyone know of a badminton club near to La Croix Rousse, please?   Thanks   Also is there a bus from La Croix Rousse to the airport?   Thanks   Tony and Lisa

started by: Snooker-928355 · last update: 1381879320 · posted: 1381879320

The new team of Charlemagne Snooker Club will be very happy to meet you around 1 of the 8 snooker tables in the "Billard Charlemagne" each tuesday.Free training from 7:00 to 9:00 PM for club members (and attractive prices at other moments).So, come to show us how you play at this famous British game !!!Adress : 84, Cours Charlemagne - 69002 Lyon - Tram T1 Sainte BlandineFor more information, you can contact our club at : snookercharlemagne@gmail.com    

started by: Ctgipson · last update: 1381745246 · posted: 1381340522

Hi, Does anyone know of any Ski Clubs.  I'm interested in learning to ski this winter, but would prefer to join a club to meet new people. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1381143593 · posted: 1381143593

Hi someone was telling me there was an Australian Rules Football club in lyon, anyone know anything about it? Thanks

started by: united123 · last update: 1381141564 · posted: 1380894617

Hi Does anyone know of any badminton clubs in Lyon centre? Thanks Lisa

started by: Kyle-597292 · last update: 1379957604 · posted: 1378982193

Hi has anyone done the Iway racing simulator in Lyon? I'm thinking of doing it for a friends bithday and wondered if its any good and worth the cash as its a lil pricey! thanks for any reviews!

started by: eekological · last update: 1379332476 · posted: 1378058534

Hi, Want to try or pick up again, a sport in Lyon this year.  Anyone a member of any English speaking clubs in town or want to go for a run or cycle?

started by: sootyabby · last update: 1379157142 · posted: 1379101882

Hello, does anyone know if this game is on live TV anywhere in Lyon tomorrow lunchtime? thanks!

started by: Mountainhigh-917467 · last update: 1378421273 · posted: 1378421273

Hi all, does anybody know of a gym or studio with pole dance classes in Lyon? Thanks!

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1376655306 · posted: 1369588925

Keep hearing there are a few teams round Lyon, anyone any know more about them? Thanks

started by: bucky-875778 · last update: 1376652460 · posted: 1376652460

Hi, are there any English speaking golfers come hackers out there looking for an occasional golfing partner. 

started by: L'air · last update: 1376308223 · posted: 1375971290

Hi anyone know of any in the Lyon area particularly sailing or rowing? as were surrounded by water i thought there would be heaps, but cant seem to find any on the internet, Thanks

started by: Ian w-597280 · last update: 1371737122 · posted: 1371725331

Hi anyone know where there is a map of the route for the TDF in Lyon and where it finishes? Cant find it online, thanks

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