started by: Pippa-597036 · last update: 1369049838 · posted: 1369049838

Hi anyone know of any riding schools for kids within a 20-30 min drive of Lyon? English speaking would be good but not essential thanks

started by: Shanders · last update: 1361719613 · posted: 1361642813

Does anyone know of Archery or Fencing groups in Lyon,  I speak a little french and I both sports are different to the norm and intruigue me!  Ideally I would like something near the 9eme

started by: starspangled · last update: 1359470603 · posted: 1359469990

Anyone know anywhere where we can catch the game in Lyon? Thanks getting pretty desperate!

started by: Kyle-597292 · last update: 1359028187 · posted: 1359028187

Hi anyone know of any ex pat running clubs in Lyon? Or maybe your English speaking and fancy a few laps round Parc Tete d'Or? Thanks

started by: dvdjordan10 · last update: 1357946573 · posted: 1357762403

Hi i was wondering if anyone new any good rugby clubs in Lyon that i could play for. Im interested in meeting new people and I think rugby would be a good way to do this.

started by: RodLyon · last update: 1356947865 · posted: 1356629299

Hi, Is there such a thing as an indoor public swimming pool in Lyon? Googling seems to come up with Hotels with pools, and a couple of gyms/leisure centers with pools. Wouldn't mind a leisure center, but mainly for 3-year-old son, so a straightforward public swimming pool would be ideal. Thanks.

started by: Sarahh-597283 · last update: 1355738560 · posted: 1355329983

Odd question of the Day! Does anyone know how far the distance is to run round the outer running track of Lyon,s Tete D'or park? Someone may have one of those running distance timing thingummy jigs. Thanks

started by: LyonNewbie · last update: 1355135015 · posted: 1354725841

Hi does anyone know if there are any coaches or other forms of cheapish public transport to get to the Alps ski resorts? Im thinking of booking Morzine but wondering how to get there from Lyon as ive no car. Thanks

started by: markleeevans · last update: 1353360161 · posted: 1353349045

Hi, I've recently moved to Lyon, and I was wondering if there were either any English amatuer football teams, or French amatuer football teams (that would want an English player) in or aroudn the centre? I'm just missing playing football and need to get some excerise soon... Cheers Mark

started by: Daphne-597841 · last update: 1350315003 · posted: 1350306777

Hi there, I am pretty new to Lyon and I would really like to start playing a sport. I played indoor football and Netball (which I don't think exists in France) at home in New Zealand. I also played squash for many years. Does anyone know of clubs I could join, or if anyone is looking for players for a team...please let me know? For indoor football I am definitely beginner level. For squash, can anyone suggest a good club, that does club nights? Thanks, Jen 

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1349438506 · posted: 1349438506

Good luck to any fellow runners this weekend in run in lyon marathon, or whichever distance your attempting! Hope to hear a few English speakers on the way round!

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1345578639 · posted: 1340535103

Hi looking for an intermediate training partner for the run in Lyon event on the 7th October this year. I'm running on my own at the moment in Tete d'or and getting a bit unmotivated so would love a training partner. Im doing around 8 km at the moment but progressing well.

started by: TammyW · last update: 1344851786 · posted: 1344527712

Hi, New to Lyon and love rollerblading, anyone knows of any clubs or events? I go at the moment to Tete d'Or but would love to skate with other English or French bladers!

started by: eekological · last update: 1344552683 · posted: 1344552683

Hi, I am going to run the half marathon in Lyon in October and was wondering if anyone who wants a training partner. Did the Paris half marathon in Paris earlier in the year in 1hr 40 but im not at that standard at the moment. Anyone interested please message or reply.ThanksEric

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1344260337 · posted: 1343917362

Hi after watching the Olympics and in particularly the rowing, ive decided id quite like a go! Does anyone know of any clubs in the Lyon area? Thanks

started by: eekological · last update: 1343312252 · posted: 1343260642

Hi, Anyone go cycling in and around Lyon. I have recently come to Lyon and am looking to go out on rides in the area.Eric

started by: wizardofoz-596678 · last update: 1342289797 · posted: 1342094777

Hi looking to buy a new road bike (Bicycle!) but need a shop which speaks English if possible to help me choose. Does anyone know of one in the lyon area? Thanks

started by: Iggy-596435 · last update: 1340824112 · posted: 1340824112

Hi theres a 5 aside football tournament on the 7th July at Iplay in Lyon if anyone would like to enter a team. Details on this FB page : http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/238599282924365/ Thanks for reading!

started by: JonnyQ · last update: 1339345906 · posted: 1339177422

Hi pretty new to Lyon. I know there are a few Expat bars in the city so wondered which one England supporters use to watch the big games coming up? Thanks for any help!

started by: Ausgirl-597523 · last update: 1338924286 · posted: 1338924286

I know they're there somewhere as ive seen people carrying rackets! Anyone know where and are they free to just turn up or do you need to book and if so where also? Thanks

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