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Hi everyone,Was wondering if anyone knows of a glee club/modern singing group (rather than traditional choir) in Lyon? Or otherwise a pop/folk group that is looking for a singer? Or (!) a place where locals tend to advertise this kind of information?!Many thanks in advance,Emily

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Hi applied for the annual 12 month card 6 weeks ago and still waiting for a card that works. Ive recieved 2 cards so far and when i scan each of them the machine says they are not working. Ive put money on them in case i go over time. When i rang them they say that everything is fine with them but i just cant get them to work. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I see Lyon have been drawn against the Russian side Rubin Kazan in the Champions league qualifier. Ive been on the website but cant seem to find info on how to buy tickets. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks

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Hi Looking for where to get the subscription for the Velo's not just the day pass, anyone know in Angloinfo world? Thanks

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Hi im thinking of visiting the tour this year when it comes to St Paul Trois Chateaux on the 19th but as ive never been before i wondered in any veterans of the event have been before and could offer some tips or advice. Where to view does it get very busy etc etc. Is there any other entertainment as the riders go past in a flash! Thanks

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Hi Im looking to start boxing again now ive more time on my hands so im looking for a club in Lyon. Does anyone do this? and where? also my girlfriend would like to start boxercise. Thanks for any help.

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Hi can anyone recommend a horse riding centre within a 30 min drive of Lyon for children please. They do speak a little French so if they spoke some English that will help. Thanks for any help with this

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Could be a very silly question, but is there a dry ski slope in the vicinity of Lyon?. Im sure i saw one listed on a hotel website under attractions.

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Are there any places to play my beloved racketball in Lyon? Ive never found anywhere with a court! perhaps im looking in the wrong places?

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Hi Im looking for a training running partner around the Park Gerland area with a view to entering Half marathons. Sorry guys but id prefer a female runner to train with. Thanks

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Hi just in case anyone is interested Lyon ladies are playing champions league football against Arsenal ladies today at 6pm at Stade Gerland. Tickets are only 5€ and it promises to be a great game!!!! If your from N london why not cheer on the girls!

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Hi!I have been living in Lyon for 5 months now and have been looking for a choir. Unfortunately all the choirs that I am interested in are not having auditions at the moment... They have asked me to contact them again in the spring/summer but I dont want to wait that long.My question; does anyone here know of a choir that is looking for an alto at the moment? If so i would love to hear about it! I (29 years old) have been singing all my life in a number of choirs, big and small, classical and close harmony.And... are there any other people looking for a choir in Lyon? I have started my own choir when I was still living in Holland, and would be interested in doing so again here in Lyon. But as I dont have a big network here (yet) it is difficult to find enough people.Anyway, if you know a choir looking for members or if you yourself are interested in joining a choir or a small vocal group let me know!

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I'm looking for groups that hike in and around Lyon during the summer. I'm in my 60's and looking for active hikers (though not excessively rigorous) to explore the local trails in July. Anyone know of such groups? Thanks, Richelle

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Hi has anyone done this which is advertised on here? Im thinking of trying to put a team together but im worried it may be beyond me at 100km in 30 hours. Im pretty fit but this seems pretty tough. What does anyone else think?

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Hi is anyone running the Urban trail in Lyon this year? Its on the 3rd April and my partner has pulled out due to injury. Anyone fancy running with me?

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Hello everybody,are there any tango dancers out there? New in the area I would love to learn more about local milongas, where to go for classes (no matter if milonguero or nuevo) etc etc.Looking forward to hearing from you! :o)

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Does anyone know when the Lyon open ATP event is been held this year as i cant find any info on it. Thanks

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Weve got some friends visiting who want to watch Lyon play football. Is it possible to buy tickets when just turning up on matchday or do they need to be pre ordered and if so where from. Thanks.

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Are there any English speaking golfing groups playing around or within the Lyon area on any of the local courses. Id love to join a group that plays if at all possible. Im an average standard 'clubber' playing off a 10 handicap (on a good day!)

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Please can people recommend good ski-stations (and places to stay) within a shorter drive as poss of Lyon for a weekends ski-ing/snow-boarding at the beginning of March. Any good web-sites would also be useful! Thank you.

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