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Hi are there any tennis clubs in Lyon or surrounding areas with an international section or membership which speaks English for the summer? Thanks

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Hi has anyone any experience of skiing at resorts in the Drome or the Ardeche as a freiend in the Uk wants to try them and left me to do the research. Any info welcomed

started by: Elisabeth-596752 · last update: 1294338231 · posted: 1294317490

hi! I (singer, 29) am looking for (a group of) people who like to make music! If you play an instrument or sing, have some experience and would like to meet 2 afternoons/evenings a month somewhere in Lyon to make music then please contact me! Music likes; Angus&Julia Stone, Beatles, Janis Joplin, Regina Spektor, The White Stripes, Belle&Sebastian, Simon&Garfunkel, Bright eyes, Fiona Apple, Greenday, Oasis, etc.

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Hi are there any of these in Lyon or further afield to either participate in or spectate. Thanks for any help. Andy

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Wheres the best place to buy tickets to watch Lyon play. Ive tried thewebsite but not got anywhere. Is there an outlet or shop? Thanks

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1289379742 · posted: 1289300871

Hi whats the best and cheapest way other than car of getting to the alps this winter for skiing? Is there any public transport or ski coaches that can get you there. I know there are airport transfers but they are too pricey. Thanks for any help.

started by: Handy Andy-596423 · last update: 1288387172 · posted: 1288387172

Hi as an avid angler im wondering where the best lakes are within driving distance of the city or perhaps there may be an English speaking club in the are. Any info appreciated.

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Hi, are there any ladies hockey teams anywhere in the Lyon area that i can join. Im thinking maybe some of the universities may have teams?

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Ive got tickets for Sundays 'Derby' game against Grenoble at Stade Gerland for which should be a tasty game. I just wondered if there are any other English speaking supporters going to have a few beers with, or even better any supporters groups etc.

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Are there any very amateur ex pat football teams in Lyon, maybe 5 aside or pub teams etc. Would love to meet other English speakers and keep fit this winter.

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Hi, Having just moved over to Lyon to work on my french, I am looking for any dance classes and/or gyms with tuition in english? Can anyone help me?Thank you so much!

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Hi, im planning my first trip to the Tour de France which finishes in Bourg-lès-Valence on the 15th July. Its my first time to spectate so wondered if anyone can tell me what to expect, and which will be the best place to watch from en route. Also if anyone wants to join me drop me a line!!!!!

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My OH was wondering what if any American sports teams play around the Lyon area? He's missing his football!!! Any info welcomed.

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Hi, im looking for a good or specialised Golf shop to buy a set of clubs and accesories. Thanks for any info

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Hi, just caught the end of this advertised on tv last night, missed when it is!!! does anyone know anymore about it as it looks good and its in Lyon i think.

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Hi, Do any of these exist in lyon? Im thinking Cricket, Football or rugger? If any one knows of any id appreciate this. Thanks

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Commiserations to our football team on Tuesday night who got beat in the Champs league Semis, would of been great to see Lyon in the final. Theres always next year!!!

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Hi is there going to be a lyon tennis atp tournament this year and if so does anyone know when? as weve friends wanting to come over from the states who are tennis mad. Thanks

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