Events & Festivals

Les Nuits de Fouviere from Jun 28th 2017
Annual International music festival held thoughout June and July in Lyon's open air ampitheatre. The festival attracts many International singers and performers and features a diverse range of spectacles from opera and theatre to electro and jazz.
The Tout l'Monde Dehors Festival (Everyone Outdoors!) offers people in Lyon to celebrate summertime outdoors in their districts. The events include music, dance, theatre, sport and films, some 300 events are scheduled throughout Lyon so take a look at the website for the full programme.
FĂȘtes consulaires from Jul 1st 2017 to Jul 2nd 2017
An International festival showcasing over 50 countries with 70 consulates based in Lyon featuring their home countries. Many live events and demonstrations are planned including live music and dance. Come along as experience the diversities and riches of the 5 continents of the world.