Exhibitions & Art

Jean Couty Exhibition from Aug 23rd 2017
Museum which showcases the fine works of Internationally renowned artist Jean Couty who was born in Lyon. The collection displays 120 paintings by Jean Couty, some 30 works on paper, as well as various documents, archives, sketches and items that belonged to the artist.
Exhibition showcasing the silk trade and its vast importance in the history of Lyon. The fascinating exhibition details Lyon's silk trade through its historic characters, materials, dresses, draperies and exceptional motifs with hundreds of exhibits.
Édouard Pignon Exhibition file from Aug 23rd 2017
Exhibition showcasing the works of celebrated artist Édouard Pignon. This exhibition-file follows the donation of an important painting by the son of the artist, Nicolas Pignon.
Venenum Exhibition from Aug 23rd 2017
Exhibition showcasing the vast array of poisons in the natural habitat. Poison plays an ambiguous role: while some use it to kill, others use it to heal or provide relief and this event aims to explain its many uses. Various screens and interactive activities offer a fun way for all t...
Exhibition featuring the birth and progression of modern cinema paying homage to its roots in Lyon showcasing the Lumière brother's impact on the industry. Bill posters, autochrome plates, models, panoramic views and optical toys allow you to get to grips with the full extent of the brothe...
Contemporary art festival held at at the Sucrière and MAC Lyon (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Lyon. Each biennial is completely new and different, with a new theme and a new organiser, presenting sculptures, paintings, videos, photos or visual displays from some 70 international artists.&...