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Bus Services in Lyon and the Rhône Valley

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus transport system in Lyon and the Rhone Valley and the tram and metro system in Lyon...

Bus services connect most towns and villages. The Mairie (Town hall) or local Tourist Office can advise on municipal travel within towns and cities. Many of the Mairie and municipal websites have a transport section with timetables of public transport and links to other sites.

Local tourist offices and their websites are a good source of travel information. Staff are generally able to speak English and can provide timetables and help with making bookings.

The Rhône Valley has a well developed infrastructure for traffic and transport. Below is information on public transport in Lyon and the Greater Lyon area, Loire and St-Etienne, Valence and Drôme and the Ardèche.

The OùRA! Card

The OùRA! smart card can be used on the TER Rhône-Alpes train and coach network, and on the St-Etienne, Valence and Grenoble urban transport network. It can be used as a single ticket throughout the region and replaces paper tickets. In some areas it can also be used in car parks and for bicycle rental.

The OùRA! card can be obtained or recharged in stations, and SNCF boutiques. A passport-sized photograph and proof of identity are required.

  • For a map of areas where the card can be used: Click here (PDF)

Bus, Tram and Metro in Lyon

SYTRAL is the overseeing authority for the public transport system of the Rhône and Lyon area. The bus, metro and tram network is run by TCL (Transports en Commun Lyonnais). The urban network in Lyon includes over 120 bus lines, four metro lines, four tramway lines and two funiculars.

  • TCL
    : 19 boulevard Marius Vivier Merle, 69003 Lyon
    Tel: 08 20 42 70 00

Animals, except guide dogs, are forbidden on the TCL network. However, there are exceptions for small animals if they are in an appropriate cage or bag, which must not be placed on a seat.

Bicycles are only allowed on the funiculars and on the Metro line C.

Aiport transfers

The Rhônexpress Express Tram links the centre of Lyon and the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport.

Public Transport for the Disabled

Optibus provides a door-to-door transport service catering specifically to those with mobility problems. It operates seven days a week from 06:00-01:00 in Lyon and the Greater Lyon area.

  • Optibus (in French)
    Tel: 04 37 25 24 24

Greater Lyon bus services

There are 12 public transport networks serving the Greater Lyon area. The website Multitud provides information in English on the public transport networks, routes, timetables, fares and accessibility.

Public Transport Services in Loire and St-Etienne(42)

Bus and tram transport services in St-Etienne and the surrounding urban areas are run by Stas (Société de Transport de l'Agglomération Stéphanoise).

  • STAS
    : Avenue P. Mendès France, 42272 St-Priest-en-Jarez Cedex
    : 04 77 33 31 35

Tickets for travel can be purchased in booklets of ten tickets or single tickets good for 90 minutes of unlimited travel throughout the network. Monthly and yearly passes are also available. Children under the age of four travel free of charge.

A park and ride system (Parc Relais) operates on the outskirts of St-Etienne with regular bus or tram connections to the town centre. Parc Relais can be found in the following areas:

  • L'Egalerie: Bellevue, Saint-Etienne
  • Escale: Saint-Priest-en-Jarez
  • Jean Marc: Villars
  • Châteaucreux: Saint-Etienne


The Loire department has a network of bus and coach services run by TIL (Transports Interurbains de la Loire).

  • TIL Information
    : 04 77 48 42 50
  • For information on bus stations in the Loire: Click here
  • For an online journey planner: Click here

Single and return tickets as well as booklets of ten tickets can be purchased on board. Monthly subscriptions are available from the appropriate transport company.

Children under the age of four travel for free on the TIL network.

Bus and Coach Services in Drôme

There is a bus and coach network in Valence and the surrounding areas with 38 regular lines. Information and timetables are available from Tourist Offices or Tel: 08 10 26 26 07.

Tickets can be purchased for a single journey or a monthly pass is available. Children under five travel for free.

In Valence, bus services are operated by CTAV. Bus lines run from Valence to Bourg-lès-Valence, St-Marcel-lès-Valence, Portes-lès-Valence, St-Péray and Cornas.

A night bus service (Noctambul') runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

  • For a map of the Noctambul' network: Click here (PDF)

Urban transport in Romans and Bourg-de-Péage is operated by Citébus with ten bus lines providing regular services or transport on demand.

Montélimar bus services are run by Montélibus with five regular lines serving the town and surrounding areas. Single tickets, booklets of ten tickets and monthly subscriptions are available with reduced rates. Riders in wheelchairs or those over 60 years of age can obtain a pass for free transport from the Montelibus Agency- photo identification, a recent passport-type photo and proof of address is required.

  • Montélibus Agency
    : Place Charles de Gaulle, 26200 Montélimar
    Tel: 04 75 01 96 00
  • For a map of the network: Click here

Regular coach services with the company Keolis operate between the main towns in the Drôme (Valence, Crest, Romans, Die, Montélimar and Porte-lès-Valence).

  • Keolis
    : 26 rue Laurent de Lavoisier, 26800 Portes les Valence
    Tel: 04 75 44 10 33
    Fax: 04 75 44 01 85

Bus and Coach Services in Ardèche

There are 37 regular bus lines in the department of Ardèche as well as school transport services, coach services and transport on demand.

  • For information on transport services in the Ardèche - Tel: 04 75 66 97 59 / 04 75 66 97 66
  • For a map of the network: Click here
  • For an online journey planner: Click here

Bus services in Annonay are run by le b.a.bus.

Note: There are no passenger train services in the Ardèche. TER SNCF provide coach travel from Annonay to Lyon Part-Dieu station and to train stations in Valence, Grenoble, Le Puy and St Rambert d’Albon.