Personal Trainer

50 EU per hour
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By embracing a healthy lifestyle we will achieve your goals. I love to see people shine as brightly and as confidently as they possibly can. With over 19 years in the fitness industry, I am here to educate, motivate and guide you through your customized workouts. The method I employ introduces a range of exercises that will be unique to you to gain maximum results.

Disciplines: Abs, Body Pump, Cross Fit, Global stretching, Street Work, TRX, Weight training, Electro-stimulation, Ashihara Karate (Sabaki style), Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Sanda (Chinese Boxing), Self- Defense (Krav Maga) and Cross Fit MMA.

Languages: Bulgarian, russian, english, spanish, french and Italian.

Instagram: srd_1978