Portable Wifi in Spain


Have you just moved to Spain and want to have Internet at home from your first day? Foreigners can take 3-5 weeks to get Internet installed at home... not with WifiAway!

WifiAway offers an easy way to connect to the Internet, without contracts or commitments, and without the need of a Spanish Bank Account or NIE:

  • Internet without waiting: Receive it the next day anywhere in Peninsular Spain, or in 3 days in Balearic Islands.

  • Internet without contracts or commitments: Renew month by month or every three months. We don't want to tie you up

  • Internet without installation: Switch it on, and connect to its Wifi network. Simple and easy.

  • Without bureaucracy: Pay with an international credit card. No NIE/residence required

  • Use it at home or wherever you go: At home, the office, the beach, the car... bring it with you in your pocket.