Personal Trainer and Back Pain Therapist

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I am a complete personal trainer and nutritional advisor who specializes in improving the quality of your life through movement, diet, confidence and mentoring. I can help you achieve your goals whatever they are.  My main aim in my profession is to help improve the quality of your life by showing you that you can achieve and maintain it yourself.

I offer intensive live in packages on a year to turn your life around program and I travel all around Europe.  These have proven to be very successful and have helped clients immensely. The quality

I also work with Low Back Pain management and pelvic floor and core strengthening and postural alignment sessions.  

I am a wellness coach, I am compassionate but firm and encouraging when you need it!  I help guide you with your diet through simple approaches and everything is always tailored to your reuquirments and lifestyle.

 I work with  traveling business workers,  rehabilitation of injuries or operations, morbidly obese, depression, heart diseases and much much more.

I can help with certain events from marathons to your first 5k and more.

My areas of qualifications include-

Level 4 Exercise for Low Back Pain Management

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Quality of Life Improvement through Exercise (therapist and recognized Doctor Referred)- Depression, Obestity, Hip/Back/Knee Injuries or operations- Heart Diseases, Asthma and more

Level 2 Gym Instructor 

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise - Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor - Child Obesity and Prevention Nutrition

Kettlebell Trainer

Core - Circuit- Supsension (TRX) - Functional Equipment Trainer

Exercise for Fat Loss

Pscycology to Behaviour Change