Alex Kroll, Gestalt, Couple and Sex Therapist

Gestalt, Couple and Sex Therapist, Meditation and Mindfulness

I offer a humanistic and holistic approach to psychotherapy.  

A somatic and meditation-based therapy using relaxation, mindfulness and regression techniques.   

Sex therapy helps the individual and the couple to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life

and to be in touch with their body and their mind. Sexuality is a very broad topic

which brings together different dimensions of personality (the energetic,

physical, educational, spiritual and emotional parts). I work with my patients in a delicate and

respectful way in order to obtain the sexual information required and thereby to

be able to understand what the problem is and how to resolve it.

I offer help in the following areas:

Lack of sexual desire

Erection problems

Emotional detachment

Premature ejaculation

Difficulties reaching orgasm

Painful sex during intercourse

Difficulties with intimacy

Performance anxiety

Compulsive sexual behaviour

Addiction to porn  

Improved communication

Conflict management

Separation and Bereavement

Fertility issues

Stress, anxiety and guilt

Commitment issues

Different models of relationships