Architects & Surveyors

Multidisciplinary company that is constituted by architects, technical architects and project managers and production managers with extensive experience in construction and architecture projects. Specialist in Certificado energetico.
Tecarq Tecnicas de Arquitectura
Specialists in restoration projects for all types of buildings. New construction, refurbishment, reform and decoration projects accepted. Also technical building inspections, legalisations and advice available. At Paseo de los Olmos 12, 28005 Madrid.
Villa Surveyors
Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers covering Portugal, Spain and Italy.
Mainly office and commercial projects, but some private projects also undertaken. All administrative functions for planning included. 28032 Madrid.
Jorge Benedet. Registered Architect & Project Manager PMP.
English speaking Architect based in Madrid with ample experience working all over Spain who leads a team of highly qualified professionals such as Interior Designers, Cost Surveyors, Environmental Consultants, Engineers, etc.
Renovations Madrid
Building company based in Madrid. Small and simple work as well as complex projects undertaken.
F Dequer Jimenez
Architect services and subsidiary company offering building, electrical, carpentry and house decoration services. Based at C/ Los Alpes 2, 28924 Alcorcon.
A + A Estudio de Arquitectura
Architects with speciality in building reforms and new builds. At C/ Hermosilla 119, 28009 Madrid.
Eco Vida International
Design and build service for commercial projects and private homes. Specialists in constructing green buildings that are warm in winter, cool in summer and quiet all year round. Same build cost as conventional buildings of the same quality.
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Sergio Bertola
All architectural projects undertaken. Specialises in interiors and garden design and layout. Based at C/ Pradillo, 68 Local, 28002 Madrid.
A. Arquitectos
All architectural projects undertaken including bio-climate design and interiors. C/ Cartagena 22 local, 28028 Madrid.
English speaking registered Architects
Projects for refurbishment of apartments and new build homes. Also specialised in Retail, Leisure, Bars and Restaurants. Project an Construction Management. Construction & Activity Licenses & Permits. Real Estate Invest. & Consultancy throu
Integra 2
Architect services for new projects and restoration of buildings. Also apply for licences and offer building inspections. Av. Cerro del Aguila 7 bajo 15, 28700 San Sebastian de los Reyes.
Klic Arquitectos
Klic Arquitectos  offers Architectural services in Madrid & Málaga area for new projects and restoration . Project management, quantity surveying, building surveying and facilities and project monitoring. Advice available.
Gleeds Iberica
Consulting services in project management, quantity surveying, building surveying and facilities and project monitoring. At Maria de Molina 54, 28006 Madrid.
Fundacion Architects
Cutting edge design led architects practice based in Madrid & London. At 53 Calle Pelayo, 1A, Chueca.
Alacet Arquitectura SL
Architectural services in Madrid area. Design process and building. Exterior and interiors renovation and refurbishment. English spoken.
R G Estudio de Arquitectura
Building restorations, reports and plans and all necessary paperwork supplied for planning processes. Glta. Marques de Vadillo 6, 28019 Madrid.
Aguinaga & Associates Architects
Urban design, residential, private houses, offices, culture and leisure, theatres, airports, industrial buildings and interior designs and projects. Office open 09:30-14:00 and 16:30-19:00. At C/ Vicente Gaceo 21, 28029 Madrid.
Architects specialising in interior space design and utilisation. At C/ Salamanca 25, 28020 Madrid.