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Licensed. Humanistic (EFT; Gestalt) approach. Working with couples & adults who are dealing with relationship difficulties, job issues, anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, mental health, abuse, personal struggles. Therapy at private practice, also...
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At SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute, you can find everything you need regarding your mental health conveniently situated in one place.  Sinews is a licensed private practice for expats, offering many different forms of therapy under one roof.
Marisa Apostolidis
American psychoanalyst working with adults, adolescents and children. Plaza Espana. Madrid.
Nina Engelberg Forster
Counsellor and therapist offers treatment for depression, anxiety, body image, disordered eating, trauma, cross-cultural adjustment. 
Rocio Fernandez
Bilingual child and adolescent psychologist. Also works with families.
Humanist Psychology Center
Licensed psychologist and therapist. Humanistic approach. With training in Gestalt therapy, EMDR and Inner Space Techniques. Individual sessions in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Professional team with a wide experience helping adults.
Psicóloga Torres
Laura Torres, bilingual qualified clinical psychologist and qualified EMDR psychologist.  Adult, Familiy and Couples therapy. Specialising in Depression, Low self-esteem, Anxiety, phobia, Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dissociation, Se...
Chris Neill
BSc in Psychology with Masters in CBT and Humanistic Therapies, member of the British Psychological Society. British and working as a Psychologist in the public health drug treatment service.
Belén Ortega Bellé
Psychologist and Professor at the Madrid Official College of Psychologists with long experience as a psychotherapist, in the application of the Brief Strategic Therapy model
Dr. David López Gómez
English-speaking psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Madrid city centre. Onlne and face-to-face one-hour appointments. Anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, addictions, ADHD, PTSD and severe mental health disorders.
Based in Madrid, Sinews are a Multilingual Therapy Institute, providing comprehensive psychology, psychiatry and coaching services and speech therapy for children and adults.
Vanessa Mier
Gestalt Psychotherapy in English, Spanish, Dutch or German.
Dr. Alberto Rodriguez Quiroga
Child and Adult Psychiatrist. Works in English and Spanish.
Mensana Terapia
Mensana Terapia provides psychological therapy and counselling and is a pioneering centre in Madrid for integrative psychology. Stress and adjustment disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Mood Disorders, Panic, Phobias and Anxiety, Eating Disorders a...
Lincoln Consulting
American bilingual psychotherapist for children, adolescents and adults. Specialist in play therapy and psychodiagnostic evaluations. Office located near subway station Iglesia.
Francis Lenehan
OAK Counselling and Psychotherapy. Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapy in English.
Maria Lara Llerena
If you are reading this, chances are something is troubling you; and I'm here to help. I offer individual and couples counseling and coaching, and work with an integrative therapy approach. 
Natalie Webster
Qualified Coach and NLP therapist in Madrid. Sessions in person or via Skype. Health and fitness, career, anxiety, depression, bad habits, communication, stress, relationship problems, decision making.
Claire Jasinski is an American psychotherapist working with families, couples, adults and adolescents. who are dealing with relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, and grief. Metro Quevedo.
Carina Canales
Ph.D. Doctor in Clinical Psychology for adults and children. C/Antonio Acuna, 27, Bajo B. 28009. Madrid.
Leticia Vazquez
English and French speaking psychologist and EMDR therapist. Expert in juridical psychology. C/Alcala 18, 2º Izquierda, Madrid 28014. Metro: Sevilla. Also in Las Rozas.
Miryan Wodnik
UK, USA, Spain, Costa Rica Clinical certified Psychologist. Trained in Gestalt, Family Systems and Emo Trance Therapy. Peace Ambassador, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and psychosomatic processes. English, German, Spanish. Arguelles/Moncloa area.
Nexo Psicosalud
Therapy for emotional, psychological and relationship issues. English and Spanish spoken.
Anet Diner
Child and Teenager Psychoanalysis, Bilingual. Anxiety, Depression, Shyness, Jealousy, Insomnia, Learning difficulties, ADD Psychosomatic disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia, Children, Teens and Adults.
Terapia Gestalt Madrid
Gestalt psychotherapy counselling.  
Dr. Orlanda Varela
Psychiatrist with experience helping the English-speaking community in Madrid. Assists patients of all ages.
Madrid Psychotherapy Service
Systemic psychotherapist/teacher and supervisor of Systemic therapy - trained in the UK and is UKCP registered. Many years of experience offering therapy to individuals, children, adolescents and families.
Amy Temple
English psychotherapist and counsellor in the centre of Madrid offering both long and short term therapy. Family and relationship support and also special needs support for adults and children.
Victoria Cadarso Team
A bilingual group that specialises in personal development, psychology and psychotherapy.
Jean Romain Michaux
French-Spanish-English-speaking. Specialises in relationship, finance, personal accomplishment, personal achievement, depression, self-esteem, grief.
Lisa Sweetman
Counselling and psychotherapy Individual & couple counselling. Focus on short term therapy, using cognitive tools to help resolve personal struggles. We all have to the ability to change, and move our lives forward, in a positive direction.
Marta Ibáñez
Diagnosis and therapy of dysfunctions such as sexual desire disorder, erectile dysfunction, orgasm disorder, sexual pain disorder, premature ejaculation, vaginismus. Also couple counseling, providing guidance to improve communication and affection.
Charles E. Baekeland
Psychologist and Psychoanalyst for adults, children and adolescents. Also deals with Psychosomatic Disorders. Monday to Friday 09:00 to 20:00.
Gabriella Kell
English and Italian speaking therapist specialising in a range of different psychological issues. Practise located at Calle de Alcalá, 18, 28014, Madrid.
Dr. Isobel Horn
Clinical Psychologist with experience in general Adult Mental Health and in Eating Disorders. 
Clara Blazquez-Booth
English-speaking speech therapist experienced in detecting, assessing and treating language disorders (both expressive and comprehensive), voice quality problems, hearing, speech, reading and writing.
Vanessa Nott Bilbao
Gestalt and cognitive-behavioural licensed psychotherapist. Works with Children, adolescents, adults and couples.
Jose Alvarez
Bilingual Psychotherapist. English and Spanish spoken. Different approaches to problem solving and personal development. Adults and couples. Education in Gestalt therapy, Systemic therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural therapy.
Nuria Fernández-Cid
Licensed Psychologist (English and Spanish) with an Integrative approach (Somatic and movement based therapy, Art therapy, EMDR, Humanistic psychology and Gestalt therapy)
Elisabeth Sigrist
Individual, couples and family counselling. UK certified psychologist with more than 10 years experience in expat issues, emotional suffering, social or work-related struggles, existential and spiritual quests. 
Alex Kroll
Alternative therapy which treats the individual holistically, by considering his or her physical, psychological, spiritual, social, energetic and sexual components as a whole. Gestalt, Couple, Sex and IST Therapist.
Dr Manuel Barrios
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist following a cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic approach. Specialises in clinical psychology, personal and spiritual growth and existentialist problems.
Amy Cooper
English-speaking speech therapist experienced in detecting, assessing and treating language disorders (both expressive and comprehensive), voice quality problems, hearing, speech, reading and writing.
Charlotte Harris
Online Psychotherapy and Counselling offering a safe, empathic and confidential space to work through the issues you face. 
Claudio Coello
Certified clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, and psychoanalyst. Specialized in providing therapy for children, adolescents, adults and family. Speaks French, English and Spanish. 
Psychohealth Services
Counselling and therapy for emotional and mental wellbeing.
Conchita F.N.
Psychologist specialising in psychosynthesis transpersonal counselling and other types of mental health care.
Itxaso Cembrero
Bilingual Child and Adolescent Psychologist. BA in Psychology and Masters in Health Psychology and Clinical Practice from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Over 13 years living in different foreign countries.
Diana Faon
Clinical psychology, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and behaviour therapy.
Coaching in Madrid
Offering support, strategy and awareness to make the changes you wish in your life. Coaching in English, French and Spanish.
Francisca Ramírez Martín
Spanish and English speaking psychologist for cognitive-behavioural Interventions for adults suffering from common mental health problems. Professional experience gained working for the NHS in Primary Care.
Nereida Gomez
UK and Spanish certified clinical psychologist. Anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, apathy, low self-esteem, sleep disorders, phobias, OCD, agoraphobia, PTSD, addictions, smoking, marriage and family counseling. Adults and teenagers.
Laura Ezquerra
English, Spanish and French-speaking clinical psychologist and psychotherapist for children, adolescent, adults and couples. 
Dr. Antonia Regojo
Consultant psychiatrist and medical psychotherapist. Works with individuals, couples & families House calls available.
Eva Katharina Herber
Coach working in English, German and Spanish with women facing work-life balance issues, entrepreneurs starting a company and people in cultural transition.
Sarah Wood
Native English adult speech and language therapist in Madrid. Specialist in neurological rehabilitation.
Mark Evans
Gestalt counselling/ therapy for anyone who is experiencing difficulties. Free consultation.
Stillpoint Spaces
International counselling practice that offers counselling in English or Spanish online or in person in Madrid.
David Hugener
Personalised counseling and therapy to deal with emotional distress, trauma, relationship matters, problem solving and goal achievement. Short or longer-term programs for individuals and couples. Free consultation-Sliding fee scale. Argüelles area.