Fernando María Sánchez-Arjona Bonilla
Multilingual notary service in the centre of Madrid. Document verification, property onership registration and business registration
Eloisa López-Monís Gallego
Business contract, validation of documents, legal requirements of all business and private contracts checked and approved. French, English and Spanish spoken
Carmen Boulet Alonso
Multilingual notary office offering full range of notary services for all business and provate requirements. Services offered in English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish
Ana Fernandez-Tresguerres Garcia
Notarising service of oficial documents in serveral languages. Spanish, English, Italian, French and Rumanian
Almudena Santiago Charlán
Multilingual portfolio of notary services offered in Spanish, Catalán, English and French
Ana López-Monís Gallego
Notary services offered in English, Spanish and French
Blanca Consuelo Valenzuela Fernández
Full range of notary services offerd in French, English and Spanish. Validation and draughting of business contracts
José Manuel Senante Romero
Offices in the heart of Madrid. José manuel Senante offers notary services in Spanish, French and English
Emilio Leal Labrador
Notary service offered in English, French and Spanish. Property registration, company charter and verification of legal documentation
Antonio de la Esperanza Rodríguez
Wide range of notary services offered in English, German and Spanish. Validation of documents. Certification that agreements meet legal requirements
Ignacio Gomá Lanzón
All types of notary services offered including registering of property and business charters. Services in Spainish and English
Don José Fernando Usera Cano
Offices in the Arguelles area of Madrid. Jose Fernando Usera offers Notary serivces in Spanish, English and French
Doña María Almudena Zamora Ipas
Offices in the Centre of Madrid all types of Notary serivces undertaken
Carlos José Entrena Palomero
Business contracts drawn and documentation validated. Full notary service offered in English, Freanch and Spanish
Alaitz Macarena Alvarez de Zuriarrain
Multilingual Notary office offering a selection of notary services in Spanish, French and English
Alejandro Ruiz-Ayucar Seifert
In the heart of Madrid's Financial centre, Alejandro Ruiz-Ayucar offers notary services in Spanish, English and German
Ignacio Gil-Antuñano Vizcaíno
Billingual notary service in the centre of madrid. Exchange of contracts and property registered in the spanish property register. 
Don Miguel Yuste Rojas
Offices in the centric Salamanca area of Madrid. All types of notary servies offered in Spanish, English and Portuguese. member of governing body Colegio Notario de Madrid
Cristina Caballería Martel
Notary office in the centre of Madrid offering full range of services in English and French
Cruz Gonzalo López-Müller Gómez
Notary service in the centre of Madrid offering all notary services in English, French and Spanish