Pregnancy & Childbirth

Espacio Crisalida
Prenatal YogaPostnatal Yoga (Mum and Baby)
Montse Cob - Doula
Yoga teacher speaks English. She is a doula and runs pregnancy yoga, preparation, etc classes at City Yoga.
Cath Lucas
Trained Doula Originally from Wales, based in Madrid. Support and guidance for new mothers with breastfeeding.
Grow Parents
Offers emotional support during pregnancy and parenthood. Helps (expecting) parents to prioritize their emotional well being while transitioning into parenthood. Every mother, father, child and situation is unique. 
Yolanda Caballero Doula
UK trained midwife, nurse and doula. Antenatal yoga and breastfeeding techniques to help with pregnancy and childbirth
Maternitas - atencion posparto a domicilio
Specialised in post-partum maternity care at home. Providing care for mothers and their babies in the first week after childbirth.
American doula in Madrid. Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum support with an English-speaker.
International Womens Health Center
We are an international interdisciplinary team of specialists focussing on women's health issues. Our objective is to provide women-oriented individualized patient care. We offer a wide range of gynecological exams as well as pregnancy check-ups. The obs...
Designer maternity wear which offers many foreign maternity brands such as Boob, Bellybutton, Veronique Delachaux, and also a selection of maternity and nursing lingerie, as well as a range of nursing shirts and a baby layette line.
Consulta de Lactancia Bettina Gerbeau
Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Office, home or hospital visits. Any stage of the breastfeeding procedure : first days, back to work, medication, first solid food, a new pregnancy or weaning.
Dr. Ana Suarez
Dr. Ana Suarez is an English speaking Gynecologist and Obstetrician specialised in natural childbirth.English speaking midwifery team
HM Hospitales
HM Hospitales has been fully committed to offering its international patients the very highest standards in healthcare right from the start.English speaking Gynecologists and Midwifery Teams