Support Groups

National Domestic Violence Helpline
Free and confidential helpline for victims of domestic violence in Spain. Information about existing domestic violence related services and specialised legal consultancy is available.
Overeaters Anonymous
For people who have a problem with compulsive overeating. English-speaking groups meet on Saturday evenings. See website for bus and subway maps.
Samaritans in Spain
Volunteer organisation providing telephone emotional support to anyone in Spain in distress or with suicidal feelings. Volunteers and donations welcome. Open24/7. Calls are confidential and numbers are not traced.
Foundation dedicated to the formation of employment projects for disabled people. Their bilingual website offers information about accessibility, employment, projects and more. In Leganes, Mostoles and at Calle S. Herrera 15, Madrid.
Spanish National Council of Disabled Representatives
The Spanish National Council of Disabled Representatives (CERMI) represents, defends and acts on behalf of the Spanish citizens with disabilities and their families. At Prim 3, 28004 Madrid.
This website, available in English, provides a directory of bars, discos, restaurants, saunas, cafes and gay events.
Lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual collective of Madrid. At Infantas 40, 28004 Madrid.
IVF Madrid
Free support group that connects people going through fertility treatment. Talking to people who understand is an essential part of the IVF process.
Support Groups and International HD Organisations
This is Huntingtons Disease support website listing support groups around the world. The Spanish support group is called Asociacion de Corea de Huntington Espanola and is located at Avenida Ryes Cataolicos 2, 28040 Madrid.
Fundacion Triangulo
Non-government organisation aiming to reach the equality of political and social rights for gays and lesbians. It features a lot of information and advice. Eloy Gonzalo 25, 28010 Madrid.
Provides support for the family and friends of alcoholics. Organises English-speaking family groups in many parts of the country. Wednesday 20.00 Catedral del Redentor (ground floor left of Cathedral) 18 Calle de la Beneficencia. Metro Alonso Martinez
Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist
Cancer Rehabilitation Thru Exercise Referral Rehabilitative Breast cancer Exercise Specialist Pink Ribbon Program (Pilates based protocol for breast cancer) Pilates Based Rehabilitation Programs Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis Pilates for Buff Bone